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Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush: Final Verdict — Does NOT Remove Stains; Waste Of Money. Peroxide Works Better.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I get a lot of folks coming here looking for elucidation on the Emmi-Dent. Though I have done a number of posts, as can be seen from the list above, I appear not to have been clear enough because people still seem to be confused and undecided.

There is still and Emmi-Dent toothbrush in our bathroom — but I do NOT use it. I stopped using it in September of last year. The only reason I spend money of ‘ultrasonic’ toothbrushes is that I keep on, fruitlessly so far, looking for a silver-bullet for my teeth staining nightmare. That is, thank god (whoever that is), the only problem I have with my (horse-like) teeth. I drink a lot of ‘black’ tea — two to three mugs during the afternoon. That on top of my two mugs of coffee and my glass of diluted red wine. It is that tanning that is the bane of my life — or at least my teeth.

The Emmi-Dent was pretty useless at even making a dent on my staining — despite its claims.

My new regime of hydrogen peroxide and brutally hard scrubbing, which I can get away with given that I have strong teeth and healthy gums, work much better than the Emmi-Dent ever did. Sorry. But, the facts are facts. My staining, right now, is pretty minimal and over 95% of my teeth are brilliantly white — which helps with my trademark grin.

The Emmi-Dent vibrates but I am not convinced that it produces any ultrasonic waves. Not sure how I can check it. I dunked it in water to see if I could see any waves. Nada. I am sure it will make an excellent personal ‘massager’ for women but, though I am not an expert, I am sure that there are even better personal ‘massagers’ at a much cheaper price.

So bottom line: stay away from from Emmi-Dent If you are looking for a toothbrush to fight tooth staining. It might do other things, though I am not sure what, but it sure didn’t do anything to dent my stains.

Hydrogen peroxide works and is damn CHEAP. That is all I am going to say. That is all I have to say. Thanks.

Hydrogen Peroxide Regime Appears To Work Better For ME Than The Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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peroxidemagicOn average, per the cursory stats provided to me by WordPress, I get about 3 hits a day on people searching on ‘Emmi-Dent‘. So I want to make sure that I do not mislead anyone.

Yes, we have an Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush — that I purchased, after considerable research, around March of this year. Deanna and I both used it diligently, at least twice a day, at least for the prescribed 2-minutes a go, till about September. By then I was not convinced. I had started a harsh hydrogen peroxide routine as well as brushing with a normal brush prior to using the Emmi-Dent. That was crazy. So, morning and night I was brushing my teeth twice — once with a normal brush and then with the Emmi-Dent. Regular readers here know my absolute obsession with TIME. That was an additional 4 minutes a day of extra brushing. I could NOT afford that time! 4-minutes is a LOT of time for me. I could do a post in 4-minutes. I was not going to SQUANDER 4-minutes a day of my life.

Do YOU know that 4-minutes a day adds UP TO a FULL DAY, i.e., 24 hours, in one year!

That is why you have to be so, so parsimonious in how you use your time.

So, screw the Emmi-Dent. It was not doing anything for MY stains. The Peroxide seems to be doing a better job.

Plus I am really scrubbing my teeth with cheap, i.e., 2 for a $1, toothbrushes — from the Dollar Store. I toss them out after about a week. I have broken the heads off 3 in my mouth! When I say I brush hard — I mean HARD.

Please don’t worry about me. As I have said, I have teeth like a horse. My gums are in pretty good shape too. I have, most of my life, brushed my teeth vigorously. Maybe that is what it is. My gums do not appear to mind getting scrubbed. They never bleed. So, I am all set.

Deanna still uses the Emmi-Dent religiously. But, we have different oral needs. She doesn’t get the staining I get — for one, she doesn’t touch red wine, my tipple of necessity.

So, we still have the Emmi-Dent in the bathroom. I just don’t use it.

So that is the full story.

My opinion on the Emmi-Dent. I am no longer convinced. But, that could just be me.

I Am NOT Sold On The Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush. I Stopped Using It.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I get a lot of hits, on an increasing basis, on my Emmi-Dent posts. So I want to make sure that people don’t walk away with the wrong impression.

I am NO LONGER sold on the Emmi-Dent (supposedly) ultrasonic toothbrush.

I am not sure it works.

I have stopped using it on a regular basis.

But, Deanna loves it and is sure that it is doing wonders for her. So, that is where we are.

Deanna and I have very different requirements when it comes to dental care. Since I am regularly told by dentist that I have teeth like a horse, have very few fillings and look after my teeth quite well, all I need is STAIN prevention. My daily diet of two cups of coffee, two to three cups of strong black tea and one large glass of diluted red wine is a perfect recipe for staining — what are fairly white teeth when clean.

That is why I keep on looking for an ultrasonic toothbrush that will help me keep control of my staining.

I do not think the Emmi-Dent, despite its claims, did anything for my stains.

But, I have found, what I think is a better regime, since my last visit to my now EX-DENTIST in mid-June. I am not going to be violated by him again.

I have always been assiduous about using mouthwash morning and night. I use (generic) Listerine. When I have run out of ‘Listerine’ I have used hydrogen peroxide — which I know is a good mouthwash.

But, since mid-June I am rinsing my teeth, for a full minute, morning and night, with diluted 2(HO) — which as you know is a strong oxidizer.

Yes, of course, I have read that 2(HO), now even found in toothpaste, works as a stain remover. So that is what I am trying.

I am also using a lot of new, 50 cent toothbrushes (2 for a dollar at the Dollar Store) and throwing them out after a few days. I brush vigorously. I am known to break off the heads of toothbrushes from the pressure I apply. Works for me. My gums don’t bleed and I guess they are used to the scrubbing.

So I have now gone 3 months since my last cleaning. During that time I have hardly used the Emmi-Dent.

2(HO) rinsing for at least a minute, vigorous brushing for at least a minute and then rinsing again with ‘Listerine’ — morning and night, and maybe once more during the day if I am going out.

So that is where I stand with the Emmi-Dent. We still have it because Deanna likes it and uses it faithfully twice (or more) a day.

When it packs up, as it surely will do (like all electronic toothbrushes), I will look for another.

In the meantime I am going to stick with my hydrogen peroxide regime. It is cheap if nothing else.

P.S., You drink a bit of the hydrogen peroxide while you are rinsing and it does your stomach no end of good!

The Dental Crisis In The U.S. (Never Mind New Hampshire) — People Just Can’t Afford The High Costs.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

The $46 for my 2.5 minute, totally unnecessary, unsolicited ‘consultation’ by my dentist to tell me that ‘all was fine, “A-OK”, but he would really like me to get a $120 X-Ray‘, on Wednesday got me thinking.

I notice teeth. Drives Deanna nuts. I doubt whether I will ever find the time in my limited lifetime to get to it but I am sure it is a cultural thing. I am totally oblivious to the color of eyes and hair color — unless they happen to be blondes, and I do get accused of having a thing about blondes though I am not sure if that is true. I finally worked out, having incurred abuse from so many for decades along the lines ‘you didn’t notice the color of their eyes or their hair … what is wrong with you?‘ that it is a cultural thing to do with where you were born. If you were born into a society where 99% of the people have black eyes and black hair, you don’t bother to use eye color or hair color as a differentiator. That is my theory and I am sure I onto something here. But, I notice teeth. And yes, I will confess, I am also fussy about teeth. Bad teeth puts me on the ‘defensive’. So, of course, I notice all the folks in NH with ‘poor’ teeth. And I feel bad.

But, it was only today that I went looking for some facts. Medicare does not cover basic dental care! And folks think that the U.S. has good healthcare. Carry on with those wet dreams. If you don’t have dental insurance going to a dentist is an expensive undertaking. My visit on Wednesday, and I needed nothing other than a 49 minute cleaning, came to $126. That is more than half a weeks gross pay if you are on minimum wage. This is not right — and yes, I know that Medicaid, if you qualify, does cover some, if not all, dental care.

Read this from PBS and just think …

Click to read very interesting PBS article.

Click to read very interesting PBS article. Right click and open in a new tab (or window) to ENLARGE.