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‘The Upside’ (2017) ShowTime Movie — Uplifting Movie For Pandemic-Bound; Great Soundtrack.

by Anura Guruge

Click for IMDb.com listing.

YouTube trailer.

Roku, to its credit, to help with those subject to the ‘stay-at-home‘, is offering 30-days of SHOWTIME for Free. So, I signed up — now I have no new cricket to watch. [Notice I have NOT (really) complained.]

Saw this. Yes, it looked predictable and yes, it is. But, it is fun. Funny in parts. Definitely uplifting.

I go through phases when I nearly convince myself that I am an opera buff. The opera in the soundtrack — obviously meticulously handpicked — is brilliant. I want to listen to opera again!

It is definitely watchable. It is NOT bad. Actually it is, really, pretty good.

Will make you SMILE. SMILE.

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