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The Toric Lens Implanted In My Right Eye Is Getting Rotated 15 Degrees On Monday!

by Anura Guruge

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Basically FOLLOW-UP cataract surgery — on my RIGHT eye; my bad eye. We always knew that this was the eye that was going to be challenging.

I had cataract surgery on it, by the AMAZING Dr. Theodor Sauer of OCB, i.e., Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, on December 7, 2020. Wow. As I detailed here, for the first time in 52-years I could see out of that eye without glasses or contacts.

But, it was NOT perfect. The LEFT eye, which I had done 12-days earlier, is near perfect.

We did NOT expect the same results from the right eye.

I saw Dr. Sauer this last Monday, January 4, 2021. He thinks he can IMPROVE on the right eye.

So, I am having SURGERY again this coming Monday, January 11, 2021.

He is going to open my eye & get to the implanted lens. Then he is going to rotate it 15 degrees. I forgot to ask him in what direction. Doesn’t matter to I. He knows. I trust him — implicitly.

Wow. I am excited.

Well I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

My Cataract Surgeries, By Dr. Theodor Sauer Of OCB (Boston), Pretty Close To Miraculous — My Best Vision In 52-Years!

by Anura Guruge

I had both eyes done 12-days apart.

Dr. Theodor Sauer

I am uncharacteristically lost for words to adequately describe
his brilliance, CARING & dedication.

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For health reasons you cannot donate used contact lenses. I looked.

I can see AGAIN!

I can actually see & read things without contact lenses or glasses. I have not been able to do that in over 52-years! 52-years. That is a longtime.

This is the BEST VISION I have had since I was 14-years old. I am in awe.

Dr. Theodor Sauer is a genius. A magician. I am in awe of his skills & his traits as a caring, compassionate human being. Wow. He is a GOOD MAN. Salt of the Earth.

He worked Thanksgiving morning so folks like I could have surgery the day before (given that OCB insists on a post-op check-up the day after surgery). He has called me at 9am on Saturday & at 6:30pm in the evening. He cares. He is dedicated. He is brilliant.

I lucked out. I did not pick him. OCB, i.e., Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, never gave me a chance. He was assigned to I & I could NOT be gladder. I lucked out. I won the lottery.

No pain, not even any discomfort! Did NOT have to take any pills after surgery. Both eyes GREAT.

He also has two amazing support staff: Jessica J. & Carla A. They were both outstanding. So helpful, so patient. I lucked out.

I found OCB on the Web. I wanted my eyes ‘done’ in Boston. SMILE.

I called them, for the first time, on September 10, 2020. They told me I had to go 3-weeks without contact lenses in either eye. Based on that they got me an appointment with Dr. Sauer on October 1, 2020.

88-days from 1st phone call to having my 2nd eye done!

Not even 3-months. Some places in New Hampshire couldn’t get me in for my preliminary appointment for 3-months.

Am I happy? Am I glad? Am I excited? It is nice to be able to see.

Second time in 20-months that I have totally & utterly lucked out with surgeons. March 2019 was when I needed my emergency quadricep tendon tear surgery. That time I was assigned Dr. Charles Blitzer. He also did magic & I honestly thought I would never, ever encounter a doctor as good as Dr. Blitzer. Then I was assigned Dr. Sauer. Has to be Karma. I was due some, but I seem to have been rewarded in buckets.

So, when it comes to OCB all I have is praise, kudos, admiration, respect & THANKS. I can’t recommend or endorse them any higher. I lucked out.

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by Anura Guruge