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Another Catholic Cardinal RENOUNCES His Cardinaliate — Not Just His ‘Day Job’.

by Anura Guruge

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There is a LOT of confusion as to what this RESIGNATION entails BUT it is very clear that it is much more than his ‘Day Job‘, i.e., that of Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Yes, he was in charge of making Saints & now it transpires he is NO Saint himself. Ironic. But, Church history is full of such ironies.

Fortunately, to all our relief, this resignation has NOTHING to do with SEX! It has to do with financial corruption — I think embezzlement. So, that is good, i.e., it not having to do with sex crimes.

I think he has totally resigned his cardinalate as did McCarrick in 2018 — the 1st such TRUE resignation in 90-years.

Others THINK (& hope) that he hasn’t gone the WHOLE hog & just relinquished his rights to be a cardinal elector — as did disgraced Scot Keith “I Lied” O’Brien in 2013 just ahead of the conclave. I don’t think so. I think 72-year old Giovanni Angelo Becciu is TOAST. Done. Gone.

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by Anura Guruge

So What Happens To Credibility Of The Bishops Consecrated By Now (Thankfully) DEFROCKED Theodore McCarrick?

by Anura Guruge

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Bishops, let alone Archbishops & ex-Cardinals, don’t get defrocked often. So, this issue that crossed my (ever fertile) mind doesn’t come up that often. What happens to the credibility of bishops who were LEGITIMIZED by Theodore McCarrick during his very long tenure as a bishop, archbishop and then cardinal.

‘Legitimized’ in this context referring to episcopal consecration — i.e., a bishop, per his standing as a bishop, elevating another to be a bishop.

This is the so called ‘Apostolic Succession‘. Each Catholic bishop is supposed to have a direct line to one or more of the original Apostles via this mechanism where a new bishop can only be established by an existing bishop … the theory being that the very first bishops were established by the original Apostles.

But, a bishop who gets defrocked could NEVER have been a worthy successor to the Apostles. He would have always been flawed. Otherwise he would not have got defrocked.

So, this would mean that McCarrick was a fraud when he was a bishop. Thus his consecrations have to be flawed if not bordering on fraud.

Think about it. I bet the bishops he consecrated are none too happy. You can bet on that.

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by Anura Guruge

Debased Cardinal-Disgrace Wuerl: Two V. Different Kinds Of Resignation. Only One Matters.

by Anura Guruge

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When it comes to cardinals who are still active Archbishops, as is the case with disgraceful Donald William Wuerl (b. Nov. 12, 1940), there are two types of resignations.

You can resign your Archbishopric or you can resign your Cardinalate.

All Archbishops, due to age, must resign. That is Canon Law. When an Archbishop turns 75, as Wuerl did in November 2015, he has NO CHOICE but to submit a letter of resignation to the Pope. That is a given. You can’t get around that. When the pope accepts the resignation is up to the pope.

In the case of Wuerl, the pope, inexplicably, has sat on the letter for 3-years. He, however, can’t sit on it forever. Archbishops have to be out of office by the time they turn 80.

So, if you hear that the pope has accepted Wuerl’s resignation DO NOT get excited until you determine what he resigned.

If it was only his Archbishopric that would be meaningless. He had to resign because of age. It is called retirement.

What he must resign, as did his predecessor, the groping Theodore Edgar McCarrick is his Cardinalate.

Got that?

Two very different resignations — one totally meaningless.

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by Anura Guruge

U.S. Theodore McCarrick — First Cardinal To Truly Resign In 90-Years!

by Anura Guruge

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This is HUGE!

First real resignation of a Catholic Cardinal in 90-years.

The FIRST Cardinal to resign in the now 20-year(+) Sex Abuse scandal.

A major turning point for the Catholic Church.  A coming of age so to speak. The Church and a pope finally taking some meaningful action against pedophile priests.

For a cardinal to resign (from the ‘College of Cardinals’) a pope must accept the resignation.

Popes are reluctant to do so because it makes Cardinals appear human! Popes want to convey the image that Cardinals, like Popes, are beyond reproach and cannot be judged on Earth. Well, this has, AT LAST (at last) broken the pattern. For that we need to thank Pope Francis. For once he has played the ‘White Man’ after he looked a fool in the way he handled O’Brien.

Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Francis allowed two prior scumbags Bernard (bloody) Law (the Outlaw) and Keith “I Lied” O’Brien to remain as cardinals despite their blatant abuse — O’Brien, like McCarrick accused of having his own way with young men. Disgusting.

This is good. A real turning point.

McCarrick will never stand trial. He is 89 and they will let him die … That is their way.

But, this is a good day. Rejoice.

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by Anura Guruge