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Alton, NH: Did All Alton Property Assessments Go Up 7% In 2012.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Mr. Thomas Sargent & Nancy Scott.

Just got a letter, dated August 10, 2012, from the Alton Assessor, Mr. Thomas Sargent.

Our assessment has gone up 7.2%!

Kind of surprised. Way, way above reasonable market value. Houses on this street go on foreclosure.

Yes, having lived in NH for 26 years I know how property assessments work; I know the system well. Yes, they can lower property assessments and increase the tax rate. Problem of late is that towns are increasing both, though they deny doing it.

I will GLADLY sell this house, no questions asked, no haggling, furniture and all — and even move out within 5 days — IF somebody offered me the CURRENT assessed value, never mind the 7.2% increase.

Suffice to say I am not happy. Yes, I will request an re-assessment. From my very limited experience with Mr. Sargent he tends to be reasonable and fair. That is always nice.

The current increase, with the current tax rate, is a hike of $26 a day!

Yes, Deanna will check the Alton ‘Vision Appraisal’ property assessment database to see how other have done.

Current Alton property tax rate is $13.07 per $1,000 assessed value.