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Alton (NH) Town Wide Yard Sale Was Another Success. Thanks All. I Am Already Planning For Next Year.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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We spend 3.5 hours (and, in reality, more money than we should have), doing the rounds — though we didn’t get much beyond New Durham Road. It was good. It was fun. Some very good stuff out there. Some very nice people.
I bought 3 BIG toys including the above ‘Visible V-8 Engine’. Don’t even bother going there. I am not in my 2nd, 3rd or 4th childhood. I never stopped being a kid! OK. So, I don’t make any excuses about buying toys. This just happens to be the 3rd, ‘way, way, way beyond a bargain‘ kit that I have bought at a yard sale. But, unlike with the other two, I was a bit naughty today and bargained on the price, even though I knew from the start that the original asking price was a bargain to begin with. The difference was that there were no kids involved and the lady selling it knew exactly what she was selling. She played along. We bought a few other things anyway.

GItankI also got two old G.I. Joe toys: the black Tiger Shark submarine and a tank. I bought them both from the same lady and she gave me a discount because of that. I was delighted with the price. Of course I don’t need them and over the years I have bought enough toys for the 4 kids not counting what I had. But I like having toys around. So, what the heck. And please do NOT worry. I am way, way too old now for a mid-life crisis. I had plenty of those starting when I was 30 and in my case none of those ever involved buying toys or sports cars. That would have been way too simple.

It was fun. We had fun. We got a late start. But that was OK.

We didn’t rely on the map too much … BUT … Steve … gone fishing?

Well, now for some work to make up for this indulgence.