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Garmin Vivoactive 3: Price Reduction On ALL Models Precipitated By Delays To Slate – Gunmetal Version.

by Anura Guruge

All this as of Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Click on images to ENLARGE them.

Current Pricing At Amazon; $279 for the ugly models.

All because the Slate — Gunmetal is still back-ordered!

But Amazon, per PHONE CALL, insists that I will get mine
on November 20, 2017.

There will be hell to pay if I don’t and I have informed Amazon of that.

Hell to pay” — will translate into a $48 (i.e., 15% rebate). {Smile}

Best Buy has already done its Price Match.

And at Garmin. This is a pretty POOR show on their part.

Garmin appears to have screwed-up pretty badly — in making the Slate/Gunmetal version available.

It appears that 2 or 3 New York “Time Square” camera shops got a FEW units early. But, I don’t trust any of these places.

That Amazon did NOT get a shipment as yet is SCARY.

Amazing that they are discounting the Vivoactive 3 already — within a couple of weeks of availability. This discount has trickled down to all the other Garmin products too — as would have to be the case. Glad I am NOT a Garmin shareholder.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Body Notes 2017’ In New York Times Square On June 9 With 200 Nude Models — The Videos.

by Anura Guruge

Click here for the official “Humans Connections Art” Website.

Click on image to ENLARGE and read here.

Click here for the U.K. “Daily Mail” story
from June 10, 2017.

Click on images to ENLARGE and read here.

Looks pretty impressive. Puts New Hampshire’s once much vaunted ‘Free The Nipple‘ demonstrations to shame!

I did not realize that this has become an annual June 9th event.

The 2017 demonstration is said to have been inspired as a protest against who got elected in November 2016.


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by Anura Guruge

Cheapest Tickets For Broadway (NY) ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

by Anura Guruge

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The CHEAPEST way to get tickets to see the ‘Phantom of the Opera‘ in New York City is to buy the tickets directly from the Box Office of the ‘Majestic Theater‘ (the home of the ‘Phantom’ since its opening on Broadway in 1988) — unless, of course, you want to deal with the uncertainty, frustration and longlines at TKTS.

During our trip to New York City and Philadelphia ‘after Christmas‘ the kids — now 9 & 15 — were adamant that they had to see the ‘Phantom’. They had wanted to see it ‘forever’ but Teischan, until now, was too young. Plus they had already seen the movie a couple of times and knew the story — and as such it would not be as scary for Teischan.

Deanna and I had seen it in 2004 — when we saw 3 shows (‘Phantom’, ‘Fiddler’ and ‘Bollywood’) in 3 nights. I had seen it at least three times prior to that. I had always got my tickets by going directly to the Majestic Box Office — on 245 West 44th Street (couple of blocks south of Times Square and close to the ‘Port Authority Bus Station‘). But this time, knowing that it was the holidays, I started looking on the Web. Yes, there are plenty of ‘folks’ offering tickets BUT I was shocked at how expensive they were — especially as we needed 4 tickets.

In the end I decided that I will take a chance and wait until we got to New York. And that is what we did. No sooner had we checked into the Novotel, on Times Square, we set off, across Times Square, to the Majestic. We wanted tickets for matinee (2pm) for the next day (Tuesday). I know better than to take kids to 8pm shows that last ‘3 hours’ — even if it is the ‘Phantom’. Yes, they had tickets, at face value. They weren’t great tickets, ‘Rear Mezzanine’, and they were 2 + 2 — not together — BUT at $75 each the price was right. For the ‘Phantom’ the ‘Rear Mezzanine’ is NOT a bad place for your FIRST viewing of ‘Phantom’. So much takes place that it is good to be able to see the whole stage from above. Note, I did say FIRST ‘Phantom’. The kids, ideally and with luck, will see it a few more times like we have.

The first time I saw it, I was doing a seminar for ‘Business Communications Review‘ in Times Square. I was walking by the Majestic after the seminar when I went in on a whim. They sold me a seat in one of the boxes. That was NEAT. Box seats are $75 but are in high demand. I have a plan that the next time we are in NY that I buy box seats, for the future, and then go back just for the show. Anywho … I hope this helps. You can’t order tickets DIRECTLY from the Box Office by phone or online.

Oh! The cheapest seats I found online, also for the Rear Mezzanine, were $129 — this being the crush ahead of New Year’s. We paid $75. So that was a $54 difference. Times 4 = $216. That was worth saving, though we might have been able to sit a few rows ahead if I had bought online.

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by Anura Guruge

Novotel Times Square, New York — Good, BUT Poor Room Design Choices.

by Anura Guruge

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You can’t beat the location. Just a couple of blocks north of Times Square. [The hotel is to the top left, if you haven’t spotted the vertical sign as yet.]


You can’t beat the view either. This was our views from a “Time Square View” room on the 31st floor.



This is what I could see, from our window, with my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 at 400mm zoom.


At 800mm zoom it was just like being down there with ‘them’.

We spent 3 days in New York City, prior to 2016 New Year’s Eve, staying (2 nights) at the Novotel Times Square Hotel. I booked and paid for a ‘Times Square View‘ room with 2 Queens. When we visit New York City the kids and I like a room with a ‘Times Square View’ (notwithstanding the higher cost). Deanna always says that it is a waste of money but then again always agrees that the view is ‘wonderful’ once we get to the room. In previous visits we had stayed at the Marriott and DoubleTree, both in Times Square. Having lived in Paris and with my adoptive parents having lived there from 1978 to 1992, I was no stranger to Novotel. I first stayed in a Novotel, as it happened in Paris, in 1983 when I was over there to do a seminar and my adoptive parents were in Sri Lanka.

Overall the Novotel Times Square is a great experience, modern, bright, very-hip and airy — with exceptionally friendly and helpful staff.

We could not complain about our Times Square VIEW from the room they gave us on the 31st floor (two floors from the top, in that it has 33 floors). Moreover, they gave us this room at 11:30 am when we turned up (with our baggage) though the nominal check-in is slated at 3pm. We fully expected to check-in our baggage and come back later for a room. Not so. VERY FRIENDLY. Very nice. They saw the kids. They chatted with the kids. They gave us a room on the 31st floor. Cool.

So overall NOT bad at all. We would stay there again.

1. Great location. 3 blocks max. from Times Square and easy access to Radio City and Rockefeller Center. There is, furthermore, a McDonald’s and (discount) convenience store on the same block — which is great when you are travelling with kids.

2. The view from our “Times Square View” room definitely was of Times Square, and from the 31st floor it was quite spectacular. The view of the Hudson from the windows by the elevator was also cool.

3. Friendly, helpful and ever cheerful staff, some of them French and others that could speak French, which meant that there was a French flavor that permeated the lobby area because you would invariably hear French being spoken or that unmistakable French accent.

4. Very compelling, very modern lobby/bar/restaurant area.

5. Very fine breakfast buffet, with hot American fare and a delectable selection of European cold cuts and cheese. (Also see below.)

1. No coffee maker (let alone a microwave) in the room. [Luckily the girls agreed that they could go and get us coffee from McDonald’s. That worked out well.]

2. The room, with two queens, was small, not cramped BUT with four of us you felt that you had to hunch your shoulders to make yourself small.

3. The lighting bathroom — from BUT one ‘low energy’ light frame around the bathroom mirror — was woeful and TOTALLY inadequate. See picture in gallery below. You can’t miss it. This was beyond a joke. It was DARK in the bathroom. You were constantly reaching out to see if there was another light switch. This was stupid.

4. The Wi-Fi was adequate BUT each time you signed-in (which was quite often) they tried, hard, to sell you an upgrade for $15/day. When I am paying $500/night for a room it kind of feels insulting to be asked to pay more to get better Wi-Fi.

5. Lobby is NOT on street level and one cannot get from room to street WITHOUT changing elevators. The Lobby is effectively 7 floors up from the street. 2 slow elevators Lobby <-> street. There were lines for these 2 elevators. To get to the stairs, you had to go OUTSIDE (in the rain) — and they were service/emergency stairs, badly maintained. That was a hassle (though I took the stairs, for the exercise, a few times).

6. Paucity of drawers, especially by the beds! Yes, very modern shelves BUT no drawers and what was infuriating was that there was clearly plenty of space, below the shelves, to fit in some nice, useful drawers. I like to have a drawer by my bed to put my wallet, glasses etc. That was again stupid. See the gallery below to see what I mean.

7. The breakfast buffet as mentioned above was very good, but at nearly $29 per adult (before tip) is expensive THOUGH the kids (under 16) eat FREE made it worthwhile for us (with our 2).

8. $1 an item check-in fee for baggage. Not unreasonable and I normally give this as a tip anyway, BUT seems ‘cheap’ to ask guests to pay this just after they have paid $1,300+ for a 2 night stay.

Click to ENLARGE.

Inside the room.

The Hotel.

More views from the room.

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by Anura Guruge

Taking Selfies My Way — Part V.

by Anura Guruge

These were taken at the Times Square, New York City,
H&M” apparel store,
with my Sony RX100 Mk II, while Deanna and the girls shopped.

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

The rather spectacular “H&M” store in Times Square.

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by Anura Guruge

The Female Nipple Is ‘Free’ In Times Square, New York — As New Hampshire Gears Up For Aug. 23 Hampton Emancipation.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.

by Anura Guruge

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From the U.K. Daily Mail on August 17, 2015. Click this image to access original coverage.


More coverage in the U.K. Daily Mail, this one replete with a video. Click image to access.

When I saw the above article in the U.K. Daily Mail on Monday morning it got me thinking. Next Sunday, August 23rd, 2015, is the New Hampshire “Free the Female Nipple” movements emancipation day at Hampton Beach, N.H. As I have already told you they have received a huge amount of media coverage and that is on the ascend as Sunday looms closer.


On the Ferris Wheel at “Toys ‘R Us” Times Square.

But, the Topless Ladies in Times Square had piqued my interest for awhile — since Saturday, May 16, 2015 (i.e., 3 months ago), when ‘two’ quite literally walked into me and I nearly had a mouthful! Yes, I was in Times Square. The two kids were with me too, and I had Teischan by her hand, which might explain why there was this slight collision in the crush of Times Square — right outside of “Toys ‘R Us“. The three of us were in transit to Philadelphia, during the Amtrak crash, to pick up our Jaguar XJ8 from ‘Car Cheer‘. We had a few hours in New York before boarding the Greyhound to the ‘City of Brotherly Love’. Kids wanted to go to Times Square & “Toys ‘R Us” and I had to take Teischan to the “American Girl Doll” store. We had ‘done’ “Toys ‘R Us”, or more specifically ridden the Ferris Wheel inside, and were now trying to get to the “American Girl Doll” store which was about 10 blocks north. We come out of “Toys ‘R Us” — and then ‘SMACK‘. Wasn’t major. Just a glancing blow.

There were two of them. In body paint. I think they were supposed to be some female superheroes. Given that I used to be known as ‘eagle eyes’ I tend not to miss too much — especially topless breasts, painted blue, inches from my mouth. Took me a second to register that they were indeed topless — though I think they had painted decorations around the nipples to deemphasize their protuberance. Once the ladies left, after a giggle, I had to check with the kids that I hadn’t hallucinated. They were google eyed. They confirmed, breathlessly, that the women where nude and that I should have taken a picture to show Mom. Well I knew that taking the pictures would have involved a financial transaction and I wasn’t going to pay money, for the first time in my life, in my 60s, to be seen with a pair of uncovered breasts.

BUT ….

So it works in New York. NO LAW against topless women and women are exercising their right in Times Square.

So we do have a precedent. There is also no law against female toplessness in New Hampshire. Same as New York.

So …

Think about it. 

We Got Our Jaguar — A Burgundy Red XJ8 (From ‘Dave’ at “European-Cars”, Outside Philadelphia, On eBay)

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

A Jaguar has been on the cards since last September — once we got the 1968 Green MGB. Our lease on the KIA Sportage was expiring in May/June 2015 and Devanee and I prevailed that we should get a Jag as the replacement. Initially it was going to be a ‘practical’ AWD X-Type. ‘We’, Devanee & I, looked at quite a few, online, over the winter. We were going to get a British Racing Green (BRG) to match the MGB. But, lets face it the X-Type is not a quintessential Jag.

And then a couple of months ago Deanna let it slip that she would quite FANCY a V-8 Jag. The die was cast. We would get a XJ-8 — because now we had at least a partial vote from Deanna.

I started looking. The KIA goes back May 29. Not many GOOD, ‘low-milage’ Jags for sale in New England — especially NOT New Hampshire. Found a few in Maine and Mass. I waited until we got back from Arizona. Then we were in May and it was time to act.

I checked out various online sites including eBay. I ‘really’ wanted an XJR with the turbos. Could have had one shipped from Houston, Texas BUT getting a car shipped, sight unseen, did not appeal.

Started looking at eBay in earnest. There were a few Jags I liked and they were ALL from ‘European-Cars‘ outside Philadelphia. I had spoken with ‘Dave’, the person listed in all the ads. , preliminarily, about shipping options, before we went to Arizona. A few days after we got back from Canyon de Chelly, and with my latest book published, I felt I had the time to get this done once and for all. I kept on coming back to this 2002 Burgundy XJ8, with ’57K’. Showed it and a few others to Devanee and Deanna. Tesichan didn’t really care one way or another. I knew what Devanee would pick. Deanna is also liked the Burgundy.

I called up Dave on May 8, 2015 — the first Friday after Arizona. We agreed on a price. It was more than double Kelley Blue Book but Kelley really doesn’t have a clue as to what low-milage Jags sell for.

Deanna, with her bad back, would not have been happy driving up from Philadelphia. So the plan, all along, was to go down with the two kids, pick up the Jag and drive it back. The kids had never been to Philadelphia and they have, of late, become avid tourists. Then came the the Brandon Bostian Amtrak 188 crash. We were going to go Thursday, after school, and drive back Friday. Well the best laid plans of mice and men.

The kids and I left at 3:15 am on Saturday morning. Coach to Boston South Station. Amtrak to New York City. Times Square. 6pm Greyhound to Philadelphia. Get there just before 8pm. Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District. All day Sunday and Monday morning to explore. Betsy Ross house, Art Museum, Zoo, Balloon ride, Liberty Bell, horse carriage ride, Rodin exhibit, Chinatown for Dinner, Reading Market for Breakfast, a tour of the Mint AMONG other things. Picked up the Jag, from Dave, at 1pm. Drove back 390 miles. Traffic, in places was horrendous. One spectacular van accident. WOW! We stopped. The car was wonderful. Devanne adores it. Teischan likes it. I am very pleased. No buyer’s remorse at all, at all.

“European-Cars” (also known by at least 2 other names, including “Car Cheer”) is OK. Dave is OK.

You can dismiss most, if NOT ALL, the negative reviews you will find online about them.

I will write separate posts on “European-Cars” & Dave. But, trust me, they are OK. I would buy from Dave again — and there is a pretty good chance that this might happen sooner than you think. SMILE. We are still one car short. Devanee and I both feel that we really must have an Jaguar XJS to drive around in the Summer/Fall. SMILE.

Bottom line. We are very pleased with the XJ8 we got from Dave at “European-Cars”.