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My 3 Year Old Hannspree HF257 25″ HD Monitor Died Today.


Anura Guruge

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bloodyhannsI got this Hannspree 25″ from Best Buy in November 2012, when I got my new Windows 7 PC.

I have used a dual-monitor system for at least the last 12 years, if not longer. I like lots of screen space. With the Hannspree 25″ I had a total of 47″ of horizontal screen space — across two monitors. It has to be across two monitors. I need each monitor to act separately in terms of the active screens they display. With the dual-monitor system I run two instances of FireFox (these days at 18.0.1 with updates disabled). I typically have 17 tabs open across the two instances of FireFox, not counting one of two Word windows, an Excel windows and probably PowerPoint or Paint.net.

I got the Hannspree 25″ cheap — and it always acted cheap. During Christmas of 2007 I took a part-time weekend gig, at Concord Best Buy, promoting Eposn printers. One of the most fun jobs I have had. Also got to meet a lot of very neat Best Buy folks and get to learn some of the Best Buy ropes. So, when I needed a monitor I rushed down to Concord.

They didn’t have many large screen HDs in stock that day. And I wanted one then and there. Couldn’t wait 24 hours. They had the 25″ Hannspree on a shelf, on display. Since I knew some of the folks, I managed to convince them to sell me the display unit. I lucked out. When they started putting in the stuff into the computer to get it ‘off display’ they found that that screen was marked to be discontinued. I could be wrong. I think I got it for about $189.

It was an OK screen. The HD wasn’t that HD. I know my HD. I have had HD TVs since 1999. But, it did what it was meant to — which was provide me with a big screen.

It had an annoying, very distracting, flaw. Not sure whether it was just in my ex-display unit. I never had the time to investigate. But, basically it did NOT retain the PC input setting when it lost power. It had two modes. I needed the 2nd mode to get the right screen resolution. If it got powered off, it lost that setting. I could always set it back again, but it was always finicky — requiring about 6 or 7 button pushings.

I never used to turn it off. It has energy saver. Plus it is on a BIG UPS. But, we lose power here on a regular basis for days on end. Yes, we have two generators. I don’t run my computers off the generator. The frequencies fluctuate too much. I see what it does to my electric clocks, Hate to see it mess up the electronics inside my PC. So, when we are on the generators I turn off the UPS — to stop its annoying beeping. That means the bloody Hannspree would lose its setting.

For the last two weeks I have noticed a pink tinge at the bottom of the screen. I knew it wasn’t good. This morning, while I was working it suddenly went black. Only way to get it back was to recycle power. Screen came back on, and then died again. I was bummed. I checked and tightened all the cables, It stayed up for a couple of hours. Then started dying again. I swapped screens. Put one of my ‘spare’ 17″ screens. That worked. So, I don’t thin it is the video card. Could be. But that pink tinge the last few days was a warning.

It was snowing hard. Couldn’t convince Deanna to drive to Best Buy and get me another 24″ – 26″ monitor. So ordered one from TigerDirect. They had Hannspree. But, avoided those. Later on I Google “Hannspree black screen dead …” Well, appears I am not alone. Seems like a common problem.

C’est la vie. If I get my new monitor to work, I will write about that — of course.