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“Vote NO On 2” Sign In Front On Alton Central School (ACS)!


Anura Guruge

To whoever who had the good sense and humor to put it up, I say: kudos, bravo and thank you.

We drove by this afternoon around 4. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I cracked up. So clever. So cute.

But, I was so bummed. We have at least four (4) working, ‘good’ digital cameras in the house, not to mention two (2) new Google Nexus 7 pads with cameras. Was there even ONE of those in the van. NO. I didn’t have my cell phone — which isn’t news. My cell phone and I are not often together, since I am not a slave to any device. Deanna had her phone but the cameras on both our cell phones are rubbish.

This sign is not going to last long, unless, of course, it was put up by the ACS Administration.

If somebody could get me a picture, so I can post it here, I would be most grateful. I will even give you U.S. $5 for it.

Thanks. Made my day. I laughed. I love pranks like this.