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GU10 LED Replacement Bulbs 3.5W & 5W.

by Anura Guruge

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When we moved into this house nearly 10-years ago we had a lot of multi-light, adjustable track lights installed. There are two units upstairs in the space we use as our office/library.

These track lights take the small GU10 bulbs. At the time I got these units I never realized how difficult it is to remove and install these DAMN bulbs! You have to push, turn and pull and given the size of the fixed glass shades of these units there isn’t much room to get your fingers around the bulbs! Replacing these have been a bloody pain. So much so that I have gone for months without replacing dead bulbs.

The other day I was thinking about replacing them altogether and get some LED track lighting. That was NOT as easy as I though — getting the amount of wattage, 250W (equivalent), I sought.

Then I came across these LED GU10 replacement bulbs. Cheap enough to try.

And I did. The top ones, KINGSO 10s, with the metal heats fins, appealed to me. There are also higher output, 5W (60W equivalent) as opposed to the 3.5W (50W) ones. On Tuesday I received all the bulbs. Love the KINGSO ones. Brilliant white light.

I have tried a suction cup. But that didn’t work. Might get another one.

Check out this video. Will have to try that though I am not keen on having residue on a new bulb.

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by Anura Guruge

I Went From FireFox 16.0.1 to FireFox 18.0.1; Missed 16.0.2 & All of 17. Recommend That You Disable Automatic Updates.


Anura Guruge

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As I have stated before, FireFox and I go back a long, long time. I have stuck with it through thick and thin, though late they are beginning to finally get under my skin.

FireFox 16.0.1 with its issues wasn’t the last straw, but it is getting close.

I refused to update to 16.0.2. I had disabled automatic updates. I show you how to do that. Just go to FireFox >>> Tools >>> Options >>> Advanced and select the Update tab. See above.

To be fair, I had it first set to ‘Check for Updates’. Their prompts became annoying, PLUS I realized that they, quite unnecessarily and unbecomingly, try to TRICK YOU. They give you to buttons: ‘Ask Later’ and ‘Update’. You have to hit one to proceed. It is easy enough to hit the wrong one … and then it is TOO LATE. You can’t stop a FireFox update. Yes, I think if you look hard enough you can find a link at FireFox that enables you to revert back to previous versions. Too much hassle. So, I have totally disabled updates.

This actually is my de facto mode for everything; including Windows Updates. Yes, I admit it. I have the discipline and the motivation. With Windows Updates, once a month, around mid-month, I go and manually check. I also Google to make sure that there are no rogue updates. I also check the list before I agree to the update. I hide ones that don’t make sense or are unnecessary.

Same with FireFox. I was willing to take a calculated risk. I don’t surf for porn. Though I visit over 100 different sites a day, most are respectable. I have PAID Avast and Windows 7. So, I will take a risk.

I disabled the Java Plug-In because of all that flap about Java security. Big mistake for ME. With my work on asteroids I spend a lot of time on NASA and JPL Websites. Suffice to say they have a lot of Java applications, some extremely neat. So, yesterday I had to reinstall the Java Plug-In, which meant reinstalling Java — and REMOVING JavaFX. You don’t need JavaFX. Remove it from the Control Panel. I had to get 18.0.1 to get the Plug-In to work. Hence the update. My backup Windows 7 machine has FireFox 14! Java works fine on that.