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‘Show of Dreams’ British Cars of New Hampshire, In Wolfeboro, July 27, 2013: The Pictures.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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It was spectacular. Far exceeded expectations. So many cars. So many delightful cars. The weather was beyond perfect. The people were nice and were all having a grand time.

Lots and lots of different cars. A real trip down memory lane augmented with reminders of OUR continued GREATNESS as with the new, breathtaking Jaguar F-Type. What a beautiful car. Probably as close to perfection that you could ever achieve in a car.

Acute shortage of Spitfires. Just one Mk II. Is it really true … Have all the Spitfires rusted away? I hope not. I owned two. One red and the other pageant blue (a color I still hate).

Two Stags. Both yellow. Aaahhhh! Lots and lots of TR 6s. That might be my next purchase IF I ever have any money. There was a beautiful one, with just 9,000 miles, for sale for $21K. Wow.

A couple of Triumph GT6s. Haven’t seen one of those in decades. In the early 1970s had a friend, Dave, who owned one. He loved it. It sure was fast. But I still think it is an ugly car!

Great show. Well done. Bravo. Thank YOU.

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Best Countries To Be Born In 2013 Per ‘The Economist’. U.S. #16. Britain #27. Sri Lanka #63. India #66. Taiwan #14.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'The Economist' original.

Click to access ‘The Economist’ original.

A 1988 index that ranked 50 countries had U.S. as #1. See below.

This is, of course, a very subjective list, based on an ‘happiness’ quotient.

Some of it makes sense to me. That Sri Lanka, where I was born in 1953, came ahead of India (#66), Pakistan (#75) and Bangladesh (#77), the three neighbouring countries makes sense, even given India’s now bestriding economy. Yes, given a choice, even today, between those 4 countries, I will, without hesitation, pick Sri Lanka.

Yes, of the top countries I have been to: Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Austria & Belgium. (Yes, I have been to Canada and Germany multiple times, but it is not something I want to brag about.)

Yes, all of those countries makes sense. Just last week I did mention that I had thought about moving to Belgium in the mid-1980s — and ended up coming here, for what I thought was a 2-year ‘tax’ exile.

Switzerland is indubitably nice. I could live there. Denmark is beyond wonderful. In 1984 I drove across Denmark in a convertible, silver TR-7. Many people in the countryside had never seen a TR-7. Beautiful country. Delightful people. I know Sweden quite well. Not sure I would want to live there. Even by New Hampshire standards their winters are grim. Alcoholism and suicide due to the weather used to be a huge problem. Not sure what it is now.

The Netherlands is great in all respects. Great, great people. I have spent a lot of time in Holland.

Yes, I understand how Canada comes in at #9, but I could never live there. I have even stopped visiting — though I used to go very often. I think of it as the frozen tundra to the north of us. I have been to Israel. Wasn’t the greatest trip. It was in 1992. And officials thought I was and treated me as a Palestinian. That was not one. But most of the people are very nice and you can’t beat the location.

Anyway … here is an extract from the 1988 list:

Click to get the whole table.

Click to get the whole table.