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Black 1989 Jaguar XJS Goes To B-Boys (In Barnstead, NH) For A Thorough Shake-Down.

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by Anura Guruge


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With Owner Paul Bousquet, quite the guy. Very nice person. I am very happy to have met him.

Very happy with the XJS. It goes good and most of the time it just purrs and growls like it should. Love the way the V-12 just levels out hills. But it is a 26-year old car and there is, of course, always a list of things that could or should get done. So had made an appointment with Paul Bousquet, last week, for me to bring it in this Thursday for a thorough shake-down so that we can come up with a prioritized list of work to be done — commensurate with my current budget. Not much really wrong with it. The main thing is that a central transmission bush ned to be replaced. $14.60 part. Yes, a couple of hours of labor. Like all good V-12 there are oil leaks. Paul is going to steam clean it to see where it is coming from. Some metal work at the back that needs to be taken care of. That is about it. I am still pretty happy.

So glad that we found B-Boys. Not sure who would have done work on the Jags IF I hadn’t found them. Paul impresses me no end. Very nice guy.