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A Neighbour Is Trying To Trap Something — But I Am Sure It Is NOT My Bear, & Better NOT Be My Bobcat.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

They have had this small (humane) trap out for the last two nights. I took this picture last night on my 11pm walk.

You can see the TWO blue paper dishes with what looks like dog food. There are three of these, but one is in darkness. They are all OUTSIDE of the trap. [This morning, following the quite spectacular thunderstorm we had, the bowls were waterlogged & the trap was still open.]

I assume they know what they are doing. So, will notice that they have draped it in blankets so that the animal can’t see too much of the metal or shape.

I am sure of one thing. It is NOT for MY bear. Trap is too small. That is good. I do NOT want my bear or bears trapped. I am cool with them. I like bears.

My bear — with whom I connected — on May 26, 2020.

It could, however, be for MY bobcat. He/she isn’t that big & this house is sure on its route. I do NOT want to see the bobcat trapped. I am not even sure whether you can legally trap a bobcat. I do not know — & don’t have the time to check. SMILE.

It better NOT be for my bobcat. IF I see it in the trap, I will let it out. SMILE. I am like that.

My bobcat — from June 24, 2020.

Stay tuned. This could be FUN. Smile.

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by Anura Guruge

The Kate Middleton Topless Pictures: The Exclusive Conspiracy Theory. They Are Body Doubles!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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In my capacity as a very active Papal Historian I cannot escape intrigue, machinations, duplicity and conspiracy; the British Royals paragons of virtue compared to the antics of some of the popes.

From day ONE of this ‘what-is-the-big-deal, they-are-only boobs and not-very-big-ones-at-that‘ saga I have suspected that something was fishy, hence my original post.

I got it all sorted out in my mind now.

That is NOT the Royals. They are BODY DOUBLES planted by ‘the Palace’ to entrap the pesky Paparazzi — that were responsible, directly or otherwise, in the untimely demise of Kate’s still beloved mother-in-law. None of the Paparazzi went to jail for Princess Diana’s death. So this was going to be pay-back time.

This was immaculately planned and executed even better.

That was NOT Kate and Prince William at the French Villa. They were body doubles. So the pictures splashed across Europe are not the Royal breasts of a future Queen. Q.E.D.

So the legal maneuvering and all of the fuss is to flush out the rogue media, punish them for their audacity and put a stop to the Paparazzi chasing our Royals.

Simple as that. Sorry to break this ‘bad’ news to you. But, that as you must be able to see, is the real story. Body doubles to make boobs out of the French Paparazzi.