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Panasonic, Latest Digital Camera Company To Run Into Trouble — After Nikon & Samsung.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access ‘Nikkei’ original.

Click to access original at ‘Photorumors.com’.

To be fair Panasonic has announced WAY TOO MANY cameras!

Click to ENLARGE and view MENU bar here. From: http://shop.panasonic.com/

That their digital camera sales, despite their prowess in 4K video, is declining comes as no surprise. Camera sales across the board, across all manufacturers, are declining. People are using their increasingly capable smart phones. Plus their hands are full with the phone. They have no hands to use for a camera.

Samsung gave up the ghost in 2015.

Nikon is in trouble and is dramatically scaling back new camera introductions. THAT IS GOOD.

And now Panasonic. Panasonic currently has 192 cameras on its books. That is CRAZY. Way too many. They have introduced too many cameras with very little to differentiate them. Now they have to pay the price, and the piper.

However, what is strange about Panasonic announcement is the claim that they are going merge the digital cameras with another division — and doesn’t name what division that might be.

There is nothing that seems obvious. They could probably put it with ‘Home + Office’ which has phones, printers, solar panels and vacuum cleaners. We will have to wait and see. But, one thing is clear. They have to start rationalizing and trimming their camera repertoire. Way too many models.

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by Anura Guruge

TDS Telecom 1 Gig Internet ‘TDS TV’ Coming In 2016 To Alton, New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

Click on image to access relevant TDS Webpage.


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Our local rag claims that TDS told the august Alton Selectmen, at their year end meeting, that ‘TDS TV’ (with optional 1 Gig Internet access) will be available in large swatches of Alton in 2016. It was then commented that TDS, with their TV option (and remember that you have, for the last few years, been able to get DISH (at a small discount) via TDS), will be competing with MetroCast. Competition is always good. That makes me happy.

TDS has been promising me 1 Gig Internet for over a year. First they told me that I will have it in October 2015. Then it was pushed to Spring of 2016. And that is basically what they are claiming now.

If you check out the Alton map above you will see that it is ALREADY lying! The areas marked in yellow as ‘2015’ with the BIG ‘A’ & ‘B’ pins on them. Click the pins. It will say ‘January 2016’. Well in my book ‘January 2016’ is NOT 2015 — but then again TDS has never believed in adhering to the facts or the rules of physics.

I have been a TDS customer for over 7 years — originally starting with Union Tel. I am not very happy with them. I have had TONS of problems with the 15Mpbs Internet connection I get from them. Luckily it is no longer my PRIMARY means of Internet. I get the 75Mbps service from MetroCast — and that, 99% of the time, has been rock solid.

This ‘TDS TV’ will force MetroCast to offer at least 100Mbps in this area. I will sign-up for that BEFORE I put anymore eggs in the TDS basket.

Yes, I desperately want 1 Gig, but I am not going to pay $300/month for it to find that it is flaky.

So be careful. TDS over the last 18 months have been LURCHING from one technical disaster to the next.


I will keep you posted about both MetroCast and TDS offerings.

Happy New Year.

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by Anura Guruge

Do YOU Realize That They Have Downloadable Software Updates For Digital Cameras — Definitely For Panasonic Lumix Cameras.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Dec. 10, 2013
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Deanna, quite rightly, is on the warpath about her Panasonic Lumix ZS19 and the sticking lens cover. Since we got this, the 3rd ZS20/ZS19, from Target — and Target is NOT Amazon — we can’t return it, as we would have been able with Amazon. This is why I buy most things from Amazon. Amazon rocks. Target sucks.

Since Deanna was beside herself, mad at heck with Target and Panasonic, I went looking for the Panasonic Web support site.

Panasonic Web & telephone support is a JOKE.

Ask Deanna. This is a shame. We like Panasonic. We have 3 Panasonic cameras and I just bought my 2nd Panasonic multi-handset telephone system.

Anyway we only have one option with this damn ZS19. We have to return it to bloody Panasonic and they will refurbish it. I am going to sell it or give it away after that. I am going to get a better camera.

Anyhow ….

Software updates for cameras! Wow.

Well, it makes sense. In 2007 when I got my Philips 47″ flat screen I HAD TO update the software, monthly, for the first year. Without the 1st update the damn thing didn’t even work. That is when I found out I had to update the software to get it to work.

Never even occurred to me that a digital camera would require updates. Well now I know.

It is good and bad. Yes, if you can fix or improve a product with a software update then it should be done. But, what I worry about, as with the Philips TV, is that now we will start getting half-developed products where you have NO OPTION but to keep on downloading software, month after month, until they get it to work.


Sticking Automated Lens Cover On Panasonic Lumix ZS20 & ZS19 Cameras. BE AWARE, Very Aware. Shy Clear. Buy Something Else.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This camera when it works is magical! No doubt or debate about that.

The problem is that it doesn’t work as well as you would like or expect much of the time.

This is Deanna’s camera. I got it for her as a Christmas present last year.

This morning, while I was in bed having my coffee, she came and told me that she has HAD IT with this damn camera and that she wants me to write the most scathing of post. So, I am trying though I am not sure I am that good at writing anything scathing.

We had trouble with the lens just 20 days after Deanna started using it. Amazon, to their credit, had a new camera sent to us in days.

Then on the way to the Grand Canyon, in April, we had to get ANOTHER camera and Amazon to their eternal credit gave us a partial refund.

Since we couldn’t find a ZS20 in Arizona we ended up with a ZS19 — same camera, the ZS19 doesn’t have GPS.

Now the lens cap is sticking on the ZS19.

So this is the 3rd ZS20 & ZS19 we are on. We haven’t had the 3 for a full year yet. We got the ZS19 in April!

Deanna is going to return it. I told her I will get her another camera.

She, however, wants to sort it out.

We have heard from one other person that they too have had lens cap issues.

I tried cleaning the lens cap because I am sure that dirt and grease must play a role in why it sticks.

Avast Internet Security Ver. 8: I Am Not Happy And I Have Used Avast For 7 Years (+).


Anura Guruge



Thursday evening Avast!, my antivirus, firewall and ‘internet security’ product of choice, started popping up its annoying, pesky blue boxes saying that I have to update my program (i.e., the software). I get virus updates a few times a day.

I had been at Version 7 for quite a long time and was reasonably happy — though about a year ago there was a nasty hang.

Then without any warning it upgraded me to Version 8 with a new user interface.

Worse still, without giving me a choice, it installed Chrome! That was a no, no. I was not happy. [Since then, in last 7 hours, they have updated their installer and it now asks whether you want Chrome. I guess they must had faced an uproar.]

It took the LONGEST time to install — and this is a i7 4 core machine with 12GB of memory. Most things are fast on this. I guess it took so long because it was installing the latest version of Chrome.

But, after the lengthy install all seemed OK.

This morning Avast Ver. 7 on Devanee’s laptop stopped working! I tried the usual tricks. No luck. We had to go to Bedford so we were in a rush. I powered up this PC to get another copy of Devanee’s Avast license.

When I did that, I got a SCARY blue pop up jump at me saying that Avast wanted to update my Adobe Acrobat Reader. Whiskey, Tango FOX! I don’t want Avast to update anything other than itself! That is intrusive and obnoxious. Avast has gone down a few stripes in my book for that little trick.

Yes, worked out how to turn that DANGEROUS feature off. On the ‘homepage’ icon-based interface (at top above), click on ‘Software Updater’ and then click the STOP button. That disables that stupid feature.

It tries to do too much. I hate that.

Just do what you are supposed to do. I used to be the biggest fan of ‘System Mechanic‘ for years. Then they went down this route. I uninstalled it, on all our PCs, and have never gone back.

We have PAID Avast Internet Security on 5 PCs. Avast, other than a few spectacular screw-ups over the years, has been good. I know that it is good at intercepting bad things.

But this was real annoying. To exacerbate matters, I had to uninstall Avast 7 on Devanee’s PC and re-install it again. So, I was not having a good day with Avast.

The Chrome thing was ironic. I obviously did not have Chrome on this PC. I had been meaning to get it. But, I knew it would take some time. I now have it. I have played with it a few times since Avast installed it! Yes, I plan to migrate to Chrome. I have had it with FireFox too. I am very patient with software that I like, but there is a limit. I have used FireFox for 12 years. Avast for at least 8. But, when I get exasperated, that is it.

If you get Avast 8, make sure to go through each feature, individually and then on the ‘Settings tab’, and disable as much as you can.