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Lunar (Chinese) New Year 2020, Boston Chinatown — February 2 (Defying Coronavirus): In 36-Pictures & Few Words.

by Anura Guruge

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It was FUN. It was festive. The Dim Sum at ‘China Pearl‘ was very good (though getting progressively expensive). It was busy but not crazy. Overall outstanding.

Yes, of course, we were concerned about exposure to the Coronavirus. We had already been to a Chinese New Year event, on Tuesday, at UNH. So, this would be our second flirtation with exposure. We thought about it long & hard. It was not something I was going to be cavalier about — especially with my 13-year old daughter. The day before the first case in Massachusetts was reported. Tufts Medical Center, the designated treatment hospital for the virus, is in Chinatown!

But, we live by the belief that life must go on and that you can’t live in a bubble and that you can’t let everything that is happening constrict your life. So we went.

It was noticeably more subdued compared to prior years and we have been going, yearly, for two decades. Definitely not as crowded. In a way that was nice.

I was surprised by the lack of masks. Very few and NONE among the staff at China Pearl. I was happy about that! I had not looked forward to being served by ladies wearing masks.

All in all, it was GOOD. Glad we went THOUGH I will be honest. I will be marking off the next two weeks!

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by Anura Guruge