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Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Exemplary P.M. Is Afforded Rare & HUGE Honor By UAE With Their ‘The Burj Khalifa’.

by Anura Guruge

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Must Watch YouTube video.

3-days ago I told you how I felt.

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Made my day.

She, Jacinda Ardern, so, so deserves all the kudos she gets. She has shown the world how real leaders act. Trump is too busy playing golf to notice.

Obviously the muslims appreciate her sincerity, commitment & compassion.

How GREAT for the whole world.

Terrible, uncalled for tragedy. Then, at least, you have moments like this.

Thank YOU, New Zealand.

Thank YOU, Jacinda Ardern.

by Anura Guruge

New Zealand’s Win Over Pakistan By 4-Runs, In The 1st Test, In Abu Dhabi, Was A Doozy.

by Anura Guruge

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Wow. What a last day (the 4th). I have been following the whole series, the T20s, ODIs & now the 1st Test, with interest and joy. Some good, exciting cricket.

I had watched the Test match highlights each day — some while having lunch and the rest at night, over dinner. Exciting Test match.

Hats off, most certainly, to New Zealand. A totally unexpected win — against the grain. It only became a possibility right at the end. Poor Pakistan. They showed one of their fans, a middle-aged man, crying.

Amazing spin bowling by the debutant — Ajaz Patel. This was good for cricket.

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by Anura Guruge

Test Matches Should NOT Be Played In Empty Stadiums — It Is NOT Cricket.

by Anura Guruge

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I have already talked about this. Click image to access my post.

I have just been watching the highlights of the Pakistan v Australia 1st Test in Dubai, UAE.

It is bloody amazing. TOTALLY EMPTY STADIUM.

Just a sea of empty blue seats.

I do NOT think there is even 100 people there if you don’t count the teams and the support staff.

You cannot play Test cricket in an empty stadium. It just kills your spirits.

There should be an asterix in the record books for all Tests played where the average attendance was less than 10,000/day.

This is a travesty.

The ICC should NOT permit this. The umpires should call the match off. I am NOT kidding.

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by Anura Guruge

All Buddhists, Especially Those In Sri Lanka, Should Be Ashamed Of What Is Happening In Myanmar (Burma).

nepalequake1aa1.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Google ‘refugees’, ‘Myanmar’ or ‘Burmese’ for many, many other articles.

I have over the last year repeatedly spoken out against the misguided, extremely insecure extremist Buddhists in Sri Lanka. The extremist Buddhists in Burma, the inspiration for what is taking place in Sri Lanka, are even worse!

There is hardly any coverage of what is taking place in Myanmar (Burma) these days — with the extremist Buddhists, just like in Sri Lanka, trying to purge the minorities.

In the last 48 hours I have seen headlines talking about “SAVAGE Buddhists”! That a decade ago would have been an oxymoron.

Savage Buddhists?

How could that be. It is a religion of compassion. A religion of tolerance.

I am NOT a Buddhist. But I grew up in an extremely activist Buddhist household. My adopted father, to my shame, became an extremist Buddhist (albeit in his old age) — as are many of my cousins (though age alone cannot be used as an excuse by them).

Growing up Buddhist I thought that tolerance was a virtue. Despite ardency of the Buddhism in our household we had Christians in the family and our BEST friends were Christians and Muslims. This is why extreme Buddhism in Sri Lanka, to me, makes NO SENSE. My adopted father’s BEST FRIEND was Senator Abdul Aziz (who at the time was one of the richest men in Ceylon). Because of kidnapping fears (mainly from the Catholics) I was ONLY allowed to approach two cars, after school, at 1pm — IF my father couldn’t be there because he had been detained at work. One was Uncle Amarasinghe’s car (and he was somebody that my father had gone to school with) and the other was Senator Aziz’s black Peugeot (driven by his wonderful driver). So 40 years hence when I see my adopted father supporting extreme Buddhist monks who advocate violence against Muslims it confuses me.

I have NO patience for extremist Buddhists.

I have already put forth my solution to curb some of their vigor. At a MINIMUM Pakistan, Bangladesh and UAE should REFUSE to play cricket against Sri Lanka. Ideally the cricketing world should do to Sri Lanka what they did to South Africa for ’20’ years. Boycott them until they renounce Buddhist apartheid.

This persecution of non-Buddhists by Buddhists has to stop — Worldwide. It is Wrong. What would the Buddha Say? He was not perfect, BUT I am sure of one thing about him — he would NOT have condoned violence. The notion of ‘savage Buddhists’ would have appalled him. So IF you are a Buddhist cut out this nonsense, not for you, not for me — but for the sake of the Buddha.

Google Insults Americans By NOT Displaying Johannes Kepler Google Doodle in North America!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Last Google Doodle post:
New Year’s 2014
>>Dec. 24, 2013.

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Click image to access ANIMATED Google Doodle.

Here is a list of the counties where this Google Doodle was shown.

Note, no U.S. or Canada
though they showed it in Tunisia, UAE, Jordan & Oman!
“‘Wilco’, ‘Tango’  ‘Fox'” as they say on Fox TV.

Click to EXPAND.

Click to EXPAND.

Yes, given that Google is omniscient and omnipresent (and keeps track of the color of your underwear, if you wear any), they must know that most Americans probably don’t know or appreciate who the TOWERING Johannes Kepler was.

But, I am sure we must do better than Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

I am not amused. Neither should YOU.

Johannes Kepler is one of the GREATEST scientists of all times. I think the world of him.

I have, to my joy, written quite a bit about Johannes in my Dwarf Planets, 4 Vesta and Comet ISON books. I always felt privileged JUST to write about him.

He is, to me, the indubitable, uncontested FATHER of modern astronomy.

I am sure quite a few Americans know of me. Percentage wise I am 100% sure that more Americans have heard of Kepler than the little folks in Ireland.

Without Kepler (though yes, somebody would have come along eventually) we would NOT have the sacrosanct 3 Laws of Planetary (and Cometary) Motion. Without Kepler we would still be in the dark ages when it came to the Solar System.

Here is just a fragment of what I wrote about him in 4 Vesta.

Click to ENLARGE. Use 4 Vesta link above to find out more ... or read for FREE using Amazon Look Inside.

Click to ENLARGE. Use 4 Vesta link above to find out more … or read for FREE using Amazon Look Inside.

Here is picture of the Kepler ‘bible’. Admire and be amazed.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.