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Jason Roy’s Outrageous Dissent Against Umpire Was NOT Cricket, NOT British — But Kumar Dharmasena Goofed TOO.

by Anura Guruge

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I watch at least an hour of cricket, on my 47″ TV, nearly every day — year around. So, I, indubitably, have seen a LOT of cricket.

But, what I saw from Jason Roy, I am sure, was unprecedented. I am sure I have never seen such open dissent on an umpiring decision. Yes, I saw the various ball tampering ‘rows’. But, that was not a single batsman, in the middle, complaining about an umpiring decision. This was not cricket. I was surprised. It was also not very British. We are guardians of the game.

He should have been punished more severely. They should have made him miss the final. Doesn’t matter that it was a HORRIBLE, wrong umpiring decision.

Plus, it was NOT like the game was tight. England had basically won and had more than enough wickets in hand.

Kumar Dharmasena has made some real howlers in the past and this was up there. You could tell he looked confused. He also started to raise two-fingers. He probably had forgotten that England had no reviews left. He must have thought the review would sort it out. But, there was no review. But, still NO EXCUSE for such dissent. That is NOT cricket. We can’t let this happen. It will ruin the game.

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by Anura Guruge

India’s Continued, Petulant Refusal To Permit The Use Of Umpire “Decision Review System” DRS Is Just Plain Stupid.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. I created this for those not familiar with cricket’s DRS.

For the world of me, I do NOT understand:

  1. What the Indians are so worried about. DRS, 98% of the time, is pretty damn good. Yes, you get the infuriating “Umpire’s Call” decisions BUT those cut BOTH WAYS. There is no bias.
  2. Why do their opponents, now poor New Zealand in the latest 2016 Test in Kanpur, agree?
  3. Why can’t the ICC mandate that DRS, with all three technologies shown above, is mandatory in all Tests?

Not having DRS in Tests involving India is making a MOCKERY out of modern Test cricket.

All modern Tests played without DRS should now have an asterisk so that people looking at these Tests in years to come will know that umpiring decisions could NOT be reviewed.

I see Indian players all bent out of shape when a decision goes against them. So why not have DRS.

And then the STUPIDEST thing of all. Even though DRS is not there the umpires can ask the 3rd umpire to arbitrate. And the Indians are cool with that — though they had a catch overturned because the ball brushed the chin strap of the fielder’s helmet.

Not right.

Funnily enough I bitched about this EXACTLY, to THE DAY
a year ago. Talk about consistency.


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by Anura Guruge

The Unique Beauty Of Cricket: Ramdin Voids Catch, Chris Gayle Celebrates With Afghanistan Victors.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access official ICC video of West Indies Denesh Ramdin saying ‘NO’ to a catch AFTER the umpire gave it as OUT.


Click image for YouTube video of West Indies Chris Gayle dancing with the Afghan players after they defeated the West Indies. Classic …

I really do not think you see this level of sportsmanship in any other sport. No wonder we have the adage “it is just not cricket” to describe ‘bad behavior’ (of the Donald Trump kind).

Earlier this year, as I documented, we had British National Hero Ian Botham wiping a tear from his eye when (black) South African youngster Temba Bavuma score his maiden century in Tests — against England. Where else would you see that. A national hero shedding a tear when somebody in the other team scores a century against their country. That was brilliant.

Then Denesh Ramdin indicating that it was NOT a fair catch AFTER the umpire gave it as OUT. There are NO REVIEWS in T20. It would have been a done deal. Even if they saw it on replays after nothing would have been said or done. It was all legit. But Ramdin voided the catch. Yes, we have seen West Indies players not say anything in other ‘questionable catch’ situations — but this was nice. Yes, I know that the outcome of this match did not matter. The West Indies had already qualified for the Semi Finals. But it was grand. Made my day.

And then to have Chris Gayle helping the victorious Afghan players celebrate. Meant a LOT to them and you could tell that. Here was a cricket superstar, from the opposition, sharing their joy. Yes, Chris Gayle did NOT play in the match — and as I just said the outcome of this match did not matter. But it was another lovely gesture. And even greater … The commentators (echoing the views of the fans) applauded. Nobody misinterpreted it as Chris Gayle not being loyal to his team. We all knew that this WAS CRICKET.


From Twitter. Click to ENLARGE and read.

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lanka Umpire Kumar Dharmasena’s LBW Of New Zealand Guptill vs. India In ICCWT20 SHOCKING!

by Anura Guruge

kumarshocking2nd ball. It was high and missing leg. What was Kumar Dharmasena or more to the point not thinking?

Diabolical. Shocking.

Was HE cheating? Is he on the make? How much was the LBW worth … $100,000?

That was bad. I like New Zealand BUT I wouldn’t class myself a mega NZ fan, but this annoyed me, no end.

Kumar, of late, is coming across as a poser. Very concerned about looking cool. Well this wasn’t cool.

Yes, we all make mistakes BUT in umpiring we are also all told about caution, doubt, benefit of the doubt.

They should think very carefully about letting him stand again in this important Championship.

I am sure New Zealand will lodge a complaint.

In the meantime I will hang my head in shame.

Talking of New Zealand I had NO IDEA that Martin Crowe had died. WOW. I liked him. Great cricketer. 10 years younger than I. Wow. Doesn’t seem right. I will miss him.

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by Anura Guruge

India’s Blanket Refusal To Use Cricket’s Umpire Decision Review System (DRS) Is A Travesty In Tests Against Sri Lanka.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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India’s pigheaded, totally irrational opposition to DRS may have cost them a Test Match — one that they dominated for much of the time!

I never understood India’s opposition to DRS. DRS, like most things in cricket, cuts both ways. It is all swings and roundabouts, BUT by and large DRS gets it right, for both sides, and more often than not eliminates really bad decisions.

Plus I do not think that one side should be given the right to oppose DRS. DRS should now be mandatory for all Tests and ODIs. ICC must enforce that. Bad umpiring decisions have always been the bane of cricket. BUT now we have the technology and DRS to help avoid some of them. Not to use DRS is stupid and a travesty. India has again learnt this lesson the hard way. I just finished watching the 2nd Test match. A number of decisions should have been reviewed.

This should go down in history as the last Test series that was played without DRS.