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South Africa v. India 3rd Test (Johannesburg) — The Pitch Was ‘Spicy’, But Didn’t Warrant Umpire Intervention.

by Anura Guruge

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In South Africa’s 2nd innings Dean Elgar got peppered and it was him getting hit on the helmet that resulted in the umpires taking the players off.

Today’s cricketers, with their helmets and American football like padding, are getting SOFT and act like SISSIES.

The umpires are worse. Yes, we don’t want players getting unnecessarily hurt BUT cricket, especially at the International level, is meant to be a CONTACT SPORT. And we played without helmets.

The umpires continually checking the pitch and then taking the players off on the 3rd Day of the 3rd Test match between South Africa and India was WRONG. Totally uncalled for. There was no valid reason. The ball that hit Dean Elgar on the helmet was SHORT and he played it badly. Come on.

We have seen cricket been played in much more VICIOUS conditions. I am old enough to remember that GLORIOUS Summer of 1976 and the West Indies quickies peppering the English batsman, Brian Close in particular. And they did NOT wear helmets like they now do.

Brian Close, sans helmet, ducking another short ball.


Brian Close shows off his bruises from getting hit …

The consensus is that on this dodgy pitch South Africa, already 1 wicket down, will be incapable of scoring the requisite 241 runs and will lose — though they have already won the series.

Yet again, as they did on Day 4 of the 2nd Test, South Africa made a LOT of mistakes, dropped catches and bowled BADLY. They deserve to lose.

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by Anura Guruge


In Light Of Massive Corruption Found At FIFA, Can We Be Sure That Cricket’s ICC Is Lily-white?

iccprograsmas1212.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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I am sure that if you ever gave it any thought you would have some concerns about whether ALL ICC officials, across the board, have always been lily-white.

I think we have to believe that everything has not always, if ever, been always above board. It is just the cast of characters involved — with the ICC having members from nations noted for the buckshee. Lets face it, we have seen scandal and corruption in cricket among players, captains, umpires and team officials. So what makes us sanguine that there is no corruption at the ICC.

Just a thought. Though the USA is an ICC Associate Member you know and I know that the U.S. will never be bothered enough to investigate the ICC like they did FIFA. ICC, compared to FIFA, is small potatoes — ICC’s stage and scope much smaller than that of FIFA. Britain could (and maybe should) take the lead but they have their hands full in other in-house investigations such as the large scale child scandal.

So for now this will just have to be food for thought. But each time I hear of the FIFA scandal I will think of the ICC.