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Boston Chinese New Year: Sunday, February 17, 2013 — It Is Snowing Quite Hard In Boston. Heads UP.


Anura Guruge

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Click for latest forecast.

Click for latest forecast.

Happy New Year.

It is snowing quite heavily in Boston and eastern Massachusetts — per my earlier heads up yesterday morning. Roads are supposed to be slippery. So watch out — especially for the maniacs driving German SUVs & cars and think that they can defy the laws of physics.

We, alas, will not be going. I am beyond bummed. The snow alone would not have deterred me, I have been in and out of Boston in much, much worse. Teischan, gratis of Dartmouth Hitchcock (Concord), has walking pneumonia! If all of their doctors were half-way competent she would have been cured by now — since we also took her in, on an emergency basis, last Tuesday. So, I am not a happy camper.

The snow is expected to moderate around 1pm. They will most likely still have the dragon/lion parades and crackers. This but comes once a year. If you can get to China Town on the ‘tube’ (which we have done numerous times having parked at the Museum of Science, where we were Members) I would still go. It won’t be fun. The tall building will shield you some, but will also act as wind tunnels.

If you went, and have pictures, PLEASE share.

Happy New Year. A pox on some of doctors at DHMC Concord. May the Chines New Year snake bite them, painfully, on their arses.