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I Renewed My Avast Internet Security Subscription, For A Year, With Utmost Trepidation & Got Instant Grief For My Pains.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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It really, really was a case of the
known devil is better than the unknown angel syndrome.

My PC guru, Shane Selling (of the Hexacopter), recommended that I change to BitDefender or Webroot about 6 weeks ago.
I didn’t have a problem with that. I used to be a HUGE fan of
BitDefender when I got screwed by them one winter day about 8 years ago.
That is when I ditched them and went with Avast.

Well, those of you who are familiar with this blog, might have worked out that I am paranoid and obsessive, to the point of irrationality, when it comes to my PCs. I try not to do anything without undue research and diligence. So for a month, during my late night/early morning 3rd shift, I would Google all of the paid ‘Internet Security’ products. They ALL have issues! They are trying so hard to outdo each other that they are tripping over themselves.

BitDefender and Webroot and recent hiccups trying to rollout
their 2014 versions.

BitDefender, on Thanksgiving, offered me 3 PC licenses for a year, for $14.95.

In the end I decided to stick with Avast for another year.

They were offering me, 3 PCs for 1 year, for $39.99.
I need the 3 PC license.
Actually I have a second license too — since we have paid Avast on 4 PCs.

Avast, UNLIKE everybody else, does NOT ADD-ON any unexpired days to your renewal!


If you renew with 29 days left on your current license YOU will lose those 29 days.

I got burned on this last year, or year before, and lost 2 weeks.

So this year I was going to go down to the line — though I worked out that at $39.99 per year we are only talking 11 cents a day. But, 11 cents is 11 cents.

I had some ‘spare’ time this afternoon. So decided to renew — for a year.

Paid through PayPal which I typically do IF given the option. I love PayPal. They are an outstanding company.


Then I get this bloody e-mail saying that my activation file is NOT there. To wait for it — up 8 hours.

Bloody Avast.

I was aggravated. I really don’t like Avast. I put up with it. I am ready to uninstall it and lose the bloody $40 if they aggravate me further.

Yes, I got the 2nd e-mail with the activation file within the hour. Still not amused.

IF you don’t already have Avast, don’t get it. Do yourself a favor and try one of the others first. 

Click to ENLARGE. I was not happy.

Click to ENLARGE. I was not happy.