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More Bad News From Nikon Might Signal A Much-Needed Re-Trenching/Consolidation Of The Digital Camera Market.

by Anura Guruge

Another BAD NEWS Press Release
from Nikon on February 13, 2017.


Click to ENLARGE. You can find original Press Release at Nikon.com.

This Press Release right on the heels of the one that
the much anticipated 1″ DL compacts have been cancelled.

Mobile phones with high-quality camera capability have been steadily eating into digital camera sales for the last few years.

It is finally beginning to take a heavy toll. Nikon could be the first to stumble.

Nikon currently, per DPReview, has 250 cameras on its books. That is crazy.

Canon has 278, Sony 277, Olympus 243, Fujifilm 239, Panasonic 193 and Pentax 135.

That is a total of 1,615 digital cameras from 7 camera manufacturers — at an average of 230 per vendor.

I have consistently maintained that this is too many. Each camera that you keep on your books costs money.

Nikon announced 14 new cameras in 2016 — 3 of them being the 1″ DL compacts that were cancelled yesterday.

Nikon and the others MUST cut back on new releases. We do NOT need so many variants at so many different price points.

Just a couple of good ones, at the low, medium and high bands.

The camera industry has ALREADY seen a sea change in vendors. Kodak, Polaroid and Agfa are no longer the market leaders they one were.

We have seen such dramatic shifts in leadership in the computer industry. Once famous names, now no more; e.g., NCR, Burroughs, CDC, Univac, DEC, DG, Wang, Stratus, Sun etc. etc.

The same WILL happen to these digital camera vendors. Mark my word.

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by Anura Guruge

ENIAC, A Landmark Early Digital Computer, Was Unveiled 71 Years Ago — On February 15, 1946.

by Anura Guruge


The ENIAC powered by vacuum tubes.


Click to ENLARGE from view here. From Wikipedia at: “History_of_computing_hardware”

You can see where the ENIAC came in.

It wasn’t a ‘first’ per se, but it was very influential. Note that it was a decimal computer. Aaaaahhh!

IF you have never heard of the ENIAC there is not much point waxing lyrical about it to you, other than just pointing out that it was rather significant in the early history of digital computers.

Those that know of the ENIAC will, of course, savor the significance.

The Wikipedia entry for the ENIAC is a good place to start.

71 years ago. That is not that long. 8 years before I was born. There are, of course, MANY who were alive, and even adults, at the time.

Computers aren’t that old.

Some of you may have heard of UNIVAC the company. UNIVAC got its name from a computer that was a successor to the ENIAC.

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by Anura Guruge

“Mr. Selfridge”, The British TV Series On PBS, Wonderfully Compelling — Great Antidote For “Downton Abbey” Withdrawal.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Thanks to our  Roku 3 and our Amazon Prime membership we all got hooked, hook, line and sinker, in watching “Downton Abbey“. Watching multi-season, multi-episode programs like this is a breeze with Amazon Prime — though I ended up having to pay to watch the last season (but it was well worth the money). While I loved the show too, it was particularly gratifying to see how Deanna and the kids, especially 9-year old Teischan, got so immersed in it — learnt a LOT about British culture, history and WW I — and enjoyed the nuances of British life. That is good. Though they have yet to visit Britain, Britain is in there future! They know that, and I know that.

After we had watched ALL the episodes, within a space of about 6 weeks, the question arose as to what would come after “Downton”. I want to start watching “Upstairs/Downstairs”. We watched the two episodes that were available on Prime. Teischan liked it. She is really becoming a sucker for anything British. But I need to sign up for ‘Acorn’, on the Roku, to get ALL the episodes. And I haven’t done that yet. There is SO MUCH just on Prime that it seems churlish to sign up for more channels.

So, I was scrolling through Prime looking for other alternatives. I saw “Mr. Selfridge“. I had seen and heard about it when it was showing on PBS but had never watched it — because I had stopped watching Masterpiece on PBS.

While the others, as I just said earlier, have yet to visit the U.K., I am no stranger to Selfridges. I first went to Selfridges in September 1967. [Deanna was 3 months old at the time.] That was my first time to Britain. My (adopted) mother had visited the U.K. twice before — without me. She had discovered Selfridges and just adored it. It was her favorite store in the whole wide world and she truly traveled the world and shopped around the world. If she was within 50 miles of London she had to visit Selfridges. She was a Anglophile and having been born in 1931 had Victorian values and tastes. She was big into makeup (which she wore too much of), perfume, jewelry and handbags. Selfridges, at least in her time, did not really sell saris. So she couldn’t buy saris there — but she made up for it on the ground floor of Selfridges. By the 1970s, when my (adoptive) father started working for UNESCO, money was not an issue and my mother was indulged in her spending (to compensate that she had been taken away from her extended family in Ceylon). Harry Gordon Selfridge would have loved my mother (and most people did). She could have put Lady Mae to shame when it came to buying things. When it came to money my mother was very ‘innocent’. She really had no understanding and my father let her have ‘her fun’ because other than shopping my mother didn’t have too many indulgences — other than giving money, food and goods to anyone and anybody she met! IF she couldn’t make up her mind between one, two or three things, my father (impatient too), would just tell her to buy all three (or more). I still remember this with three watches. My mother couldn’t make up her mind as to which one she liked. So my father told the sales assistant that he would buy all three and we are not talking about cheap watches.

Harrods. A totally different ‘class’, in every sense of the word, to Selfridges.

So I have spent a lot of time in Selfridges, 1967 to around 1999. For 6 months, 1979 – 1980, I worked, for UNIVAC, in an office in Wigmore St. — which is just behind Selfridges. Two to three times a week I would just walk through Selfridges just to absorb the ‘color’. So I know Selfridges well — and Selfridges in 1967 and the 1970s STILL had the look and feel of what is shown in the show. Despite this familiarity, I had NO IDEA about Harry Gordon Selfridge or the history! Would never have guessed that it was the creation of a Yank. It is SO British. However, I will have to confess, that unlike my mother, Selfridges was NOT my favorite store in London. I was and will always be a Harrods man. I just love Harrods. Harrods is ME. Yes, yes, yes. I know. In the 1980s (when I used to be rich) I had a £4,000 Harrods account. I was so thrilled and proud of it. I kept that account for a long time even once I was living here.

Deanna and the kids, not to mention I, got totally hooked by this series TOO. Watched all of it — buying Season 3 — in quick successions, sometimes, if there was no school the next days, THREE (3) episodes in a night (135 minutes, since they are 45 minute shows).

Brilliant show. I checked some of the facts. Much of it, maybe 80%, if not more, is factual. Beautifully and sumptuously shot. Really captures what was Victorian era Selfridges and the ground floor in 1967 looked very much like what is shown in the show. GREAT SHOW. Watch it. It is on Amazon Prime. 

From PBS. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use this link to access original at PBS.org: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/programs/series/mr-selfridge/

From Google. Click to ENLARGE and savor.


Nate Silver Of NYT ‘FiveThirtyEight’ (538) Notoriety Uses An ‘ASUS’ Laptop For His Political Predictions.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

On Sunday mornings, just before getting out of bed, as a registered ‘Sun Worshiper‘, I like to watch the intentionally Sun-centric CBS ‘Sunday Morning‘ show with its eclectic repertoire of ‘trivia’ and compelling graphics of the Sun.

This morning their lead story was about ‘Nate Silver‘ which was quite a ‘coinkidink’ for me because the last thing I did ‘this morning’ [i.e., 12:22 am] before turning my PC off was to visit Nate’s supposedly super-accurate ‘FiveThirtyEight‘ (538) election prediction site.

IF you are a political junkie (like me) you know Nate and his hard to believe predictive accuracy in the 2008 presidential election. Until last night I have, intentionally, ignored Nate’s prognostications. Most likely because I am into statistical analysis and computerized predictions I think that Nate’s uncanny success in 2008 was a once-in-a-lifetime FLUKE. I don’t think he has got it right this time around.

Click to access the CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ story.

Click to access Nate’s 2012 predictions, THOUGH I do not recommend it. He is nowhere near to being even close this time around. 2008 was a fluke.

There was, however, one thing in the CBS coverage that amused me. Nate (no doubt in collusion with the producers of the show) went to inordinate trouble to showcase the ASUS laptop he uses … or at least did in the context of this show.

I like ASUS. I am a big fan of ASUS. The motherboard of this, my workhorse, PC is ASUS.

Deanna and Devanee both have (relatively) new ASUS laptops — albeit, both refurbished from TigerDirect. Nate’s would be a much fancier, 4x times as expensive version.

I have found the refurbished ASUS at TigerDirect (and Amazon.com) to be exceptionally good value. Most people have no idea when I say ‘ASUS’ in the context of Laptops. They invariably think of Dell, HP, Gateway, Sony etc. Those are consumer brands. ASUS is a step up in terms of component quality.

We also now have two (2) Google Nexus 7 ‘pads’ [i.e., tablets], one each for the kids. One of the reasons I got the Nexus 7, other than its hard-to-resist $199 price tag, was that they are made by ASUS. So we are kind of an ASUS household.

Seeing Nate plugging ASUS just brought that home to me.

So IF you are looking for an INEXPENSIVE, good quality laptop, start by looking at the REFURBISHED ASUS at TigerDirect.

Click … to access TigerDirect.

The ‘Sunday Morning’ show started off with an account of the 1952 presidential election and the UNIVAC mainframe that correctly predicted the landslide result. They showed this picture. Wow. This predates ME by one year. But, I cut my teeth on comparable, but more powerful, mainframes — albeit IBM (though I did do a very short stint at Univac in 1979 and then did some extensive consulting for them in 1996).

1952 election prediction with a Univac with Walter Cronkite.