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An Alluring Mermaid Made Out Of Clay Flower Pots.

by Anura Guruge

I ambled a route I hadn’t travelled in many months. I was delighted to encounter THIS beauty. Of course I had to cross the road & start taking pictures. I lucked out even further. The ARTIST who created this happened to be working in her delightful yard & came over to chat. Made my day. I like meeting talented artistic folks (beyond the one I have at home).

She actually works for the USPS & does this as a hobby when she has time. This was her week off. Hence how I lucked out. Appears that she does a new decoration, for this her corner flower bed, each year. She said she had a bicycle last year. I remember that. I took pictures of it. Maybe I might find them.

But, back to this Mermaid. She is made from just clay flower pots of various sizes. She uses iron rods to hold them together.

I urged her that she should go into business making them & selling them on Etsy. Ironically, given that she works for USPS, she was concerned about shipping. {Smile}

Well, I wanted to share this amazing artifact with you. It is in Barnstead, by Locke Lake. Drive around the lake & you will see it. That is about as specific as I will get. Yes, it is within 2.4 miles of where I live. I checked my Garmin Venu 2 GPS.

US Postal Service (USPS) Now Having Trouble Chewing Gum & Delivering Mail At The Same Time.

by Anura Guruge

What my title should really say is: “The USPS can’t track packages & deliver at the same time“.

The tracking is basically the issue. Having to track items screws them up. I have learnt this over the last 3-years from similar experience. Doesn’t happen all the time, but happens MORE OFTEN than not.

Just recently when I was at my local post office I heard one of the ‘postals’ saying this to a customer who was inquiring why a tracked item was still in the system rather than having been delivered. TRACKING.

This is PRIORITY MAIL. 11-days & it has moved 58-miles!

Yes, the COVID Christmas of 2020 has exacerbated matters, but this is what we have in this country.

To be honest, I will just be glad if it just gets delivered.

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by Anura Guruge

Rank Stupidity Of US Postal Service (USPS) Knows NO Bounds.

by Anura Guruge

This was a delivery — a Birthday present no less — to a rural, coastal Maine community.

It went out, from Amazon, from New Jersey, with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

It got to the Rockland, Maine, Post Office with USPS. Now it was within 30-miles of ‘home’.

The bloody USPS then gave it to UPS. Gave it to UPS.

Didn’t they SEE that it was going to a PO Box?

Didn’t UPS see that it was going to a PO Box.

Bloody stupid.

Already spoken to Amazon. Yes, they will PAY. SMILE. That is beyond doubt or debate.

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by Anura Guruge

Pregnant USPS Mail Carrier Turns Amazon Prime On Its Head.

by Anura Guruge

Our mail carrier is pregnant & I am DELIGHTED for her. I am 100% behind her in terms of HER rights, SAFETY. health & comfort. IF I had my way I want all pregnant women to have at least 18-months of fully paid maternity leave. I hate to see heavy pregnant women having to work. Hate to see mother’s having to go back to work within weeks of giving birth. This is NOT a sexist post. I am a great supporter of pregnant & breastfeeding women.

This post is JUST about USPS policy & Amazon Prime.

I get my dog food from Amazon Prime on a subscription basis. 30lb bag every 4-weeks. Was delivered a month ago, no problem.


She can now only carry 20lbs. So, we had to go the Post Office & pick it up. Ah!

Well, I had two phone conversations with Amazon & one with USPS.

The baby is not due till mid-February 2021. She plans to work till close to that. Ah?

She will be pregnant during Christmas.

This could be problematic.

What do YOU think?

We do NOT go by the Post Office every day. Lucky if we go by it twice a week.

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by Anura Guruge


Sending A Letter, With TRACKING, To The U.K. Via The US Postal Service Is Pretty Damn Expensive.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

The keyword here is ‘tracking‘. If I didn’t want tracking I could have sent it ‘First-Class Mail International‘ which would have been much cheaper. But, you can’t get tracking with ‘First-Class Mail International’. You can send it registered but that costs about two arms and a leg.

So, ‘Priority Mail — Flat Rate Envelope‘ was my best option — but, it costs $35.65.

Damn, stupid letter to my corporate pension provider — JUST to confirm my address! They sent me this form, with my address, and I have to CONFIRM that address, have it essentially ‘notarized’ and send it back. IF they don’t get it, they STOP paying my pension! That is what got my attention. My UK corporate pension isn’t much in that I was only there, working, for 4-months over 10-years. But, it pays for my wine. So, I would be beside myself without it.

So, now you can see why I wanted tracking and was willing to pay that exorbitant price. SMILE.

Pension companies are as bad as the dreaded ‘Tax Man’. They always have you by the short and curlies.

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by Anura Guruge

US Postal Service ‘Certified Mail’ Is Beyond A Joke — 12-Days To Deliver A Letter N.H. To Pennsylvania!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE and be AMAZED.

12-days to deliver a Certified letter between New Hampshire and Pennsylvania — a total distance of about 370-miles.

The problem here was that I sent it Certified.

IF I had sent it ‘normal’ it would have got there in 3-days.

The guy at the Post Office promised 3-day. He never said 12-days.

I used to use Certified quite a bit. Haven’t in a longtime. Something has changed, and not for the better.

Good job this was not a super-urgent letter. But, I am NOT amused.

So, you have been warned.

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by Anura Guruge

Sunday Deliveries By Amazon — WHY? Didn’t Ask For It. Just Straight Prime 2-Day.

by Anura Guruge

For the second Sunday in a row we had an Amazon delivery via USPS.


Never asked for Sunday, or even 1-day delivery.

Just ordered them ‘2-day’ Prime — given I am a Prime Member of longstanding.

Kind of funny. Shortly after I placed the orders it showed SUNDAY delivery. So, they are planning for it.

I am sure the USPS is not complaining. Spoke to the delivery person today. He seemed quite happy. He is getting paid.

But, why?

Doesn’t make sense.

And as a AMZN shareholder (also of longstanding) this bothers me, though, OF COURSE, I cannot complain about the ROI I have got from AMZN. Smile.

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by Anura Guruge

Why Does The U.S. Postal Service Have To Be Stupid & Obnoxious About Handling ‘Media’ Mail?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This was a second-hand, paperback book (yes, a James Michener) that I ordered from Amazon that I ordered on May 14, 2018. It was NOT Prime and I knew that. And Amazon did tell me that it would take 10+ days to get to me.

They shipped it on May 16, 2018 and I got it today, May 25, 2018. It took USPS 9-days!

Look at the routing: 7 intermediary stops! SEVEN. That costs money. This is STUPID.

Why bother with this inane, circuitous routing for media mail. It can’t save them any money.

They really should look into this. This makes no sense, even for the USPS.

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by Anura Guruge

REUSING Amazon Packaging Rather Than Recycling The Boxes — A PROPOSAL.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Recycling boxes, i.e., cardboard, though better than just throwing it away, is extremely inefficient and costly in terms of energy.

The boxes are RE-PULPED then reconstituted again as paper or cardboard. That is wasteful.

It would so much better just to reuse the boxes as many of us do …

We also reuse boxes when we do returns.

So, why can’t we have a scheme where we can RETURN Amazon boxes to a Post Office.

USPS can send them back to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. In many cases they will be sending trucks to Amazon EMPTY — to pick up new loads of deliveries. So, this will make those trips more productive.

I cannot see why Amazon and USPS could NOT be able to get this to work. Yes, there will be some initial costs but Amazon will quickly be in the BLACK. Boxes are expensive, even for Amazon.

It is possible that there might be some Amazon customers who are squeamish about having things delivered in USED boxes, though to be fair you never know where a box has been. I have got plenty of Amazon boxes with cuts, tears and stains.

Yes, maybe Amazon could irradiate the returned boxes to appease all.

And, then there is another option. It can be part of your SHIPPING PREFERENCES. Amazon could give you a small DISCOUNT for checking an option saying “Will Accept Reused Boxes”.

I am sure consumer will buy into this. We take the cardboard to be recycled. So, taking it to a post office will not be that different.

I really would like Amazon to think about this.

What do YOU think?

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by Anura Guruge

Amazon Packaging Is Socially Irresponsible!

by Anura Guruge

A set of 4 TINY watch straps pins
that I received today!

Click to ENLARGE.

EXACTLY as it arrived.

Nothing removed, nothing rearranged. Untouched.

There was NO packing. Nothing to break.

This was it.

The little packed had slipped under the bottom flaps!


Click to ENLARGE.

This is irresponsible.

I just could NOT believe it. I knew what was inside. I was expecting it.

This is BEYOND crazy.

A tiny package of unbreakable stuff. It should have gone in a padded envelope.

This makes me very upset and annoyed — especially as an Amazon shareholder.


I tweeted this post and copied Amazon. They responded.
They have a PACKAGING FEEDBACK process — here is the link.
I used it. Pretty neat.

Send them the pictures and feedback. Now YOU know.

From January 18, 2016. Click image to access my post on THIS blog.

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by Anura Guruge