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‘Rowen’, Our Nearly 6-Month Newfoundland Puppy Checking Out Her Customized Cargo Area In The Volvo VC60.

by Anura Guruge

We got the Volvo VC60 for her! I was going to get a ‘Genesis G70’ when Teischan (15), Rowen’s official owner, notified me that she needed me to get a Rowen-carrier & if I did not my chances of her (meaning Teischan) travelling with me would be greatly diminished. It was she who ended up picking the VC60 after I had settled on a ‘Volvo V60’ wagon. Now, she is saying we might need to upgrade to a VC90!

Anywho, I had got a bunch of stuff, from Amazon, to customize the cargo area for Rowen. These included a metal grill to keep her from trying to climb over the back seat plus TWO (2) padded, full-length cargo area covers. So there are two layers of padding for her in the back.

We, i.e., all three of us (viz. Rowen, her owner & I), are going on another day trip to Maine. Rowen’s 2nd trip to Maine. Same place as the last time — which was on March 22, 2021 (i.e., Teischan’s birthday). ‘Fort Williams’, by Portland. It is Teischan’s favorite ‘local’ spot (i.e., within 90-minutes) of home. I am very partial to the place too. So, it works out. Will be a good test for all of us.

The famous lighthouse, Maine’s oldest, at Fort Williams.

Rowen at Fort Williams on March 22, 2021.

Cooling off, in the bushes — this evening.