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‘Castle In The Clouds’, N.H., Spring 2021 Volunteer Day — May 15.

by Anura Guruge

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Lynne Walsh, “The Castle’s” exemplary Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator, who makes this all possible & work — along with Al Sochard, Director of Buildings & Grounds

It was BOTH fun & productive. So glad we went & pitched in. I think this was our 5th time. We ‘specialize’ in cleaning the three trolleys — inside & out. Today, I even started scraping off some peeling varnish from one of the trolleys. My plan is to go back & give it a new coat of good marine varnish.

According to the ‘Thank You’ e-mail from Lynne this is what we all got done today. I am glad.

We got a huge amount done and I think this makes us that much closer for opening May 29th.  Here’s what we accomplished today!

  • Much raking around the main parking lot, walkway to the Carriage House, and large picnic area in front of the gift shop.  This makes it look cleaner and welcoming to guests – with our first guests coming tonight to our first wedding of the season.
  • All trolleys were cleaned from top to bottom, outside and in!  This too really enhances the appeal to the wedding guests tonight!
  • Additional garden clean up and primping by some of the gardeners at gardens by the Carriage House and Gift shop.  Beautiful flowers and plants blooming!
  • Planted the window box at Maple Lodge by another gardener – thanks Gretchen!
  • Painted the lower guard rail in the main parking lot (volunteers had painted  the upper guard rail the year before so this really looks nice now!)
  • Painted the benches on the sun porch up at Lucknow Mansion to welcome all tour guests.

The weather could not have been more perfect. WOW. First really warm day of 2021. We lucked out. Well, I try not to wait just for the Volunteer Days. I went in a few extra days last year. Hopefully I can do the same this year as well.

SUPPORT ‘The Castle’. It is a New Hampshire TREASURE. Wonderful place to be around. Volunteer. Nice bunch of folks — bar I. But you can avoid me. SMILE.

Kids Dentists To Avoid Controversy Now Referring To “Fluoride” Just As A Vitamin.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. This, though from another dentist, was basically the same spiel I heard today. No mention of fluoride. Just talk of a vitamin application.


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Took both kids, together, to our dentist for their scheduled 6-month cleaning and checkup. As is the new wont the hygienist made a big deal of telling you, and the kids, as to what they will be doing during the visit. I heard twice, given that their were two kids, that they would finish the visit with a “vitamin application”. I was intrigued. I had never heard of that procedure before — “vitamin application”.

Given that I go in with Teischan I got to see what they were doing. At the very end, she peels the cover off a small packet of liquid and start applying the liquid to Teischan’s teeth with a Q-tip. Well that did NOT look like the application of a ‘conventional’ vitamin, say ‘D’ or ‘E’.

So I asked her how the vitamin was going to get ingested by the body through the tooth enamel. She started to blush and stammer. She admitted that it was not a vitamin. To be fair to her IT WAS. Fluoride is a vitamin. So they were NOT lying to us. Just, at best, being ‘cute’ — at worst being deceptive. She admitted that it was a fluoride varnish. In the past they used to be all ga-ga about applying this fluoride finish. They never called it a vitamin. It was always fluoride this and fluoride that.

Now it is a vitamin — and NO mention of fluoride.

This is NOT right.

Parents should be TOLD what it is that they are applying and given the option to OPT out.

I am not sure whether I would have opted out. I am NOT convinced about fluoride. I have better teeth than most with nary a cavity and there was no fluoride when I was growing up.

So a HEADS UP. Ask your dentist what exactly they are putting in YOUR KID’S mouth.