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Egg Prices Have Gone Up Through The Roof In New Hampshire.

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by Anura Guruge

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I don’t, thanks to the now disproven old chestnut that eggs make your cholestrol worse, eat that many eggs anymore. When I was young I ate enough to last a few lifetimes (and her the old theory my life was to be severely curtailed BECAUSE I ate so many eggs). These days, per my low-carb diet, I eat 2 eggs every 4th day. So in a given week I only eat 2 weeks (unless I am travelling and eating breakfast every morning). Given that I also do not no longer eat cakes, pies, muffins, donuts, bagels etc, I don’t ingest too much eggs in prepared food.

Major contrast to when my adoptive mother was alive (and her 84th birthday will be in 3 days time). She used eggs in her fancy cakes, puddings and custards like there was no tomorrow. People loved her sweets. But given that she was very much an International figure and dealt with people from around the world, from Heads of State to beggars, her use of eggs in her sweets would, quite frequently, cause those of us in the KNOW to raise our eyebrows — and in my case, even question her. She, having lived in India for 4 years, entertained many Indian VIPs over the years — even when she lived in Paris. Many of these Indian VIPs claimed to be strict vegetarians or even vegans. Some of them would not eat eggs. But this did NOT stop them from eating my mother’s, and we have to admit they were irresistible, cakes and desserts. She was world famous for her ‘Pineapple Fluff‘ — that really did melt in your mouth. Vegetarians would ask for seconds, thirds and sometimes fourths of her ‘Pineapple Fluff’ when they came for dinner. And my mother would gladly and proudly give them as much as they wanted. One of these Indians who LOVED my mother’s sweets was a delightful Professor from New Delhi. Way, way up in the government echelons. We had known him for years. I called him uncle. STRICT vegetarian. Would not eat eggs. But was even MORE PARTIAL to my mother’s many sweets than even I was and that was saying something. Once he was visiting Paris and, of course, coming over for dinner. So my mother made sure she made him a ‘Pineapple Fluff’. The ‘Fluff’ part was dependent on whisked egg whites. More the merrier. This time she used 12 eggs for that ONE Fluff. That evening between us, with I and the Indian VIP in the lead, we finished the Fluff. 12 eggs gone. After he left, we got talking. Whether he realized or not he had ingested a fair number of eggs. It was one of those cases of “don’t tell, don’t ask” when it came to food.


An Enid Blyton “Noddy” egg cup with Noddy eating his mandatory, very British, boiled egg for breakfast.

Anywho …

I don’t eat that many eggs anymore. I even have containers of Market Basket Egg Substitute in the fridge, though I don’t use that much either.

The kids, especially Devanee, eat a fair amount of eggs. Plus Deanna and the kids need it for all their baking.

So it is not unusual for us to have 2, 3 sometimes 4 one-dozen containers of eggs in our fridge. We have a special place where they get stacked, one container on top of the other.

On Monday we went shopping at Market Basket — after my appointment at the Social Security Administration (SSA) office in Concord. Deanna asked me to go get some eggs. I went to do so. I, by habit, don’t buy anything without checking the price. I was surprised at the prices I saw. There were eggs at over $3 a dozen! Just a fortnight ago, I am sure, I had got a dozen eggs for around $1.89.

Later on that day we had to go to both Hannaford and Fiddleheads in Alton. I checked egg prices. A couple of years ago, when Fiddleheads in Alton was ‘new’, their featured product was a dozen of large white eggs for 99 cents. Then it went up to $1.50. This week it was close to $3.00. The cheapest I saw was around $2.85 at Hannaford.eggcups

I kind of had an idea as to what this was all about. When I came home I checked. Yes, Avian flu. Prices will continue to go up. So a HEADS UP. This will also impact prices at restaurants and that for prepared food. Keep an eye out.

Misguided Sri Lankan Buddhist TRY To Blame Animal Sacrifice To The Earthquakes In Nepal!

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by Anura Guruge

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∠∠ Buddha’s descendants.
∠∠ Buddhists can be funny.

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To be fair this is from the lunatic, Ann Coulter wing of the misguided, extremely insecure extremist Buddhist faction.

The Himalayas — and as such places like Nepal — have major earthquakes BECAUSE of plate tectonics in that region. How do YOU think the Himalayas got pushed UP that high in the first place.

Trying to blame this on animal sacrifice is just plain wrong and crazy.

I am, of course, NOT into animal sacrifice, BUT given that I eat meat, of all types (without restrictions), multiple times a day, most days, I can’t be a hypocrite.

Moreover, all Buddhists are NOT, by a long chalk, vegetarian. So for a FEW Buddhist to take this ‘holier than thou’ line is disingenuous. When I was growing up in Ceylon (pre-Sri Lanka) over than 70% of the Buddhist monks OPENLY ate meat. I know BECAUSE I kept track — at the frequent alms givings that I attended. I was always like that. Keeping track of this stuff — and funnily enough some of the monks knew that I kept track of who ate what.

The earthquakes in Nepal, including today’s major quake, is a great shame. I, an Everest buff, am VERY FOND of Sherpas. But, like them (I hope), I am a realist enough to appreciate that earthquakes, in this instance, real does go with the territory.

That The Obviously Deranged D.C. Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, Had An Interest In Buddhism Is A Total Red Herring; A Non Sequitur.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I am not (or should properly say ‘no longer’) a Buddhist  though I was born into a very devout (and influential) Buddhist family in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Given the total immersion I had when young, I still know quite a bit about Buddhism. So there are times, like now, when I feel obliged to pipe-in particularly when the western media starts talking tripe about Buddhism.

Non-violence is deep-seated and fundamental precept in Buddhism. The Buddha, all his life, was a very non-aggressive, prone to peace person. Though Buddhism does not prohibit the consumption of meat many Buddhist recognizing the emphasis placed on non-violence choose to be vegetarian (though few are vegan).

Though I know Buddhism quite well, I am not an expert in Asian history (given that history only started to intrigue me when I too was ‘history’, i.e., when I turned 55). But, from what I do know, in major contrast to Christianity and Islam, Buddhists never resorted to violence to spread the word; i.e., there were no Buddhist crusades. Buddhism was propagated in peace. As the story goes, Buddhism arrived in Ceylon, more than 2,000 years ago, just as a Ceylonese king was pulling the string on his bow to shoot a deer. He was interrupted in mid-pull by the missionary from India. So right there you get a gist of the Buddhist aversion against violence.

I would like to say that Buddhists are not into violence, but can NO LONGER say that with a straight face. Buddhists in Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand, over the last three decades, have been far too trigger-happy for my liking.

Now bloody Alexis’ fascination with most things Thai is more germane (though I, as a out-and-out male, would fully appreciate if his interest was mainly devoted to Thai women and food). Thailand, alas, has a history of unprovoked violence. I have lived in Thailand in the early 1970s — during the latter part of the Vietnam war when (the appropriately named) BANGcock (was that Freudian) was the #1 center for U.S. R&R. Thai taxi drivers would have an Uzi under their seats. Thai men, at least in the 1970s, would shoot first and think later. Thai women had a propensity for chopping off penises — which I think is an heinous crime. Every morning you could scan the English paper in Bangkok and read numerous stories of irate Thai women chopping off penises and sometimes throwing them out of the window. There was one story that I read that did have me in stitches. Women throws penis out of the window. Chicken picks it up in its beak and starts running around. The poor man, bleeding profusely, one hand trying to staunch the blood, is chasing around the yard trying to catch the chicken to get his wiener back. Thai hospitals had a lot of practice and success in sewing severed peckers back on — and I gather most of the time they would even work (without a splint on the side). I know that some of you think that I make this stuff up. I really don’t. But, I Googled it for a reference. How is this, from the respected U.K. Guardian — and it is from 2012. Q.E.D. (though I am sure most of you have no idea what I mean by that).

Click to access original Guardian article.

Click to access original Guardian article.

So, to even mention that this crazy idiot had an interest in Buddhism is stupid.

It is totally irrelevant. It is like saying he went to MacDonalds or spanked his monkey. Nothing to do with him going around shooting innocent people.

The Thai connection, on the other hand, might have some relevance — and it looks pretty patent that he had some sexual issues.

So, stop the mentions that he was interested in Buddhism.