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I Stand By My Claim That “Hotstar” Is NOT For True Cricket Lovers!

by Anura Guruge

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Pictures off my 47″ TV using my Google Pixel 2 phone.

OK, on Sunday (Day 2), I discovered that “Hotstar” live streams some of the IPL games, in full, and that there were full-length, versions of Match # 2 & Match #3. [Refer to images 1 & 2 above.]

But, NOT of Match #1. It says it is there, but all 10 hours of it is the IPL Auction! So, that is the bummer.

So, why am I still complaining?

Because, unless you watch ‘live’, which is not practical to most of us, you get SCREWED in terms of knowing the outcome of the match BEFORE you get around to watching it.

What fun is that in a T20?

So, here is the problem — and you can see it, clearly, in image 3 (above).

Before you can get to the replay you want, you are going to see ‘headlines’ like: “Ruthless Narine Slams 19-Ball 50“. So, now there is no suspense. You know Narine is NOT going to get out until he scores 50.

This is a bloody joke.

This IPL coverage is for those with ADHD and on drugs.

It is NOT serious cricket coverage. The cricket has been trivialized for the mobile phone set.

IF you are a genuine cricket fan like I, you will understand … you will appreciate.

This is NOT cricket!

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by Anura Guruge

Vivo IPL 2018 On “Hotstar” Is NOT For True Cricket Lovers!

by Anura Guruge

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Pictures off my 47″ TV using my Google Pixel 2 phone.

Vivo IPL 2018 coverage on “Hotstar” is NOT for serious cricket fans. It is basically a series of clips.

The HIGHLIGHTS package is 17-minutes! You can see that on picture 2.


I don’t even like 30-minute highlights on Willow. You just need to see more of the game to get the context and feel.

In 17-minutes all you get is ‘crash-bang-wallop’.

Very disappointed.

With T20 matches I like to see all 240-balls. A T20 match lasts about 3:45 hours and on Willow you could, most times, watch a whole game.

Moreover, they blast captions such as “CSK’s Great Escape …” all over the place. So, you know CSK must have won.

Very poor. Very poor. I am crushed.

It is “OK” for FREE, BUT I am NOT going to pay $9.99.

So, you have now been warned.

Update: Sunday, April 8, 2018

Today, when I went back to “Hotstar” I found at least one full-length match (i.e., Match #2) and Match #3 playing LIVE.

A supposed full replay of Match #1 was 10-hours of the ‘IPL Auction’.

I will try and check the full matches out tonight.

If they do have Full Matches — that would be GOOD and I will retract my statements.

But, as of now, I need to do more research.

“Hotstar” is a MESS. It is not structured to suit the serious cricket watcher.

Obviously run by young, excitable ADHD Indians on too much ganja

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by Anura Guruge