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U.S. Veterans — Shouldn’t They Have Unlimited FREE Admittance To All Our National Parks?

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by Anura Guruge

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I had never given this any thought until I got the following e-mail this morning.

Wow. U.S. Veterans do NOT automatically have unlimited FREE Admittance to all our National Parks?

Yes, I know that the National Parks need every cent they can get BUT wouldn’t this — i.e., FREE admittance for all veterans — be a GRAND gesture.

I know that Deanna has permanent free access to all the parks because she is officially disabled. So IF we can afford to do this for the disabled, and I know there are other categories that also get free or reduced access, why NOT the veterans. It would appear to be the LEAST we could do.

Look at the millions, if NOT Billions, being spent by the super rich to influence the elections. Couldn’t a few of them band together and give the National Parks $100 M a year (or more) and say this is to provide FREE access to all the veterans.

IF you like this idea run with it.

Here is the e-mail I received this morning — BECAUSE I am registered with ‘Grand Canyon National Park Lodges‘ as somebody who has stayed at the Park.



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