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‘Free The Female Nipple’, New Hampshire — Weirs Beach This Weekend? Nothing In Hampton.

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by Anura Guruge

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WeirsBeach-1I do have skin in this game in that I, for much longer than any of the recent ‘advocates’, have been bemoaning the lack of toplessness in the U.S. (given my European background).

I really would like to see women actively ENJOY the freedom and rights they currently have in New Hampshire.

So to find out what is happening at Hampton Beach, post the infamous Sunday, August 23, 2015, “Free The Female Nipple” event I called up, at noon today, the “Hampton Beach Village District” (at 603-926-8717) to find out how much TOPLESSNESS they have seen at Hampton Beach of late.

According to the gentleman I spoke — nothing, NADA. According to him, “they have come and gone and it was just for that one day”. I pressed him twice. He is adamant that there have been NO female toplessness at Hampton Beach since Sunday, August 23, 2015. He could be wrong. It is a big beach and I doubt whether people would have been running into his office to report any and every ‘sighting’. I hope he is wrong. It would be a shame IF women are NOT exercising their RIGHT — if, of course, they want to. To me that is key. They should only do this if it is something they really want to do. There should be no pressure. I just wish MORE women here had hand-on experience of what it is like in Europe. I knew a lady who once pointed out, talking about a beach in Holland, “it is much easier to be topless at the beach than keeping your top on. When you are topless nobody notices you. But, if you keep your top on everybody looks at you!” That should be what it is here.

What was funny was that you could tell, quite clearly, that he was NOT in favor of female toplessness at Hampton. I pointed out to him that females do have the RIGHT to be topless, if they so wished. He was FUNNY. He told me: “For now. That could change”! YEP.

He obviously is following what is happening. It is he who told me that an event is planned for Weirs Beach, this weekend, and that that could be interesting in that there are ordinances in Laconia against that. I concurred him on that. Yes, Laconia does have an ordinance BUT I will be curious whether they will enforce it. BUT it would appear that people — like this gentleman — are keeping tabs. IF he knows, then folks in Laconia must know too. Interesting.

So just a heads. We do NOT plan to be at Weirs. Going to Hampton Beach was enough.