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Dylan Thomas, The Quirky Welsh Poet, Died This Day, Age 39, 64-Years Ago; November 9, 1953.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dylan_Thomas

Though he died when I was but 3-months old, I in my late teens felt I had a special connection to him in that I lived in Uplands, Swansea — in “Uplands House“, no less — across the road from where he was born.

I outlined much of that in this December 7, 2015 post. I don’t see a point in rehashing it again. You can just read it in the older post. {Thank You}

First song from the “The Boy With A Note” CD shown above ()

Here is his very-Welsh voice.

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by Anura Guruge

Dish or MetroCast After DirecTV — I Guess It Isn’t Even Close!

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by Anura Guruge

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My detested and deplored DirecTV contract ends in June — two months from now.

June 22nd to be precise. As I avowed within a few days of getting it, I will cancel my DirecTV contract the VERY DAY that my 2-year commitment ends. To say that DirecTV irks me would be an understatement. DirecTV has got to be one of the scummiest companies in the U.S.

So what do I do next.

I, actually all of us, LOVE the Roku 3. The Roku really has changed our lives — watching “Downton Abbey“, nearly every day, not the only reason. Though I will give it some REAL serious consideration over the next few weeks, I am not convinced that I can live just with STREAMING. Streaming is good. Streaming is fun BUT I still like, or want, broadcast channels.

Plus, I, my nature and my IBM background, am into redundant solutions. Not sure I want everything media-wise coming into this house to be Internet-based — even IF I end up, down the road, with two separate Internet feeds, TDS & MetroCast, for redundancy.

I don’t think I need all the channels I now get with DirecTV. But I am not going to sacrifice BBC America, Travel or Animal Planet for $10/month. So most likely I will still end up with a 200+ channel package.

I will get a monthly discount on Dish through TDS. That is a given. I am amazed how expensive MetroCast is! Wow. Don’t even mention ‘Packages’! They are a ripoff! I get FREE VoIP with Google Voice. Why do I need to pay for a voice package. Have it already. Thank you.

I will keep you posted. This was but the opening salvo.

June is going to be busy. Lease on the KIA also comes to an end; June 27. At least we are all agreed on the replacement plan for that. One or more Jags!

‘Africa’ Series On The Discovery Channel: The Bold NEW Standard For Nature Shows. Beyond Amazing.


Anura Guruge

Click to access the Discover Chanel 'portal' for this series.

Click to access the Discover Channel ‘portal’ for this series.

Since we watch a fair number of shows on the ‘Discovery Channel‘ (all taped, of course, because of the huge volume of commercials) we had seen the previews for this show. When they had mentioned that it was a BBC cum David Attenborough production, I knew it would be good. As with so many Brits of my vintage, I adore Sir David. We came to age as far as nature programs were concerned on David’s incomparable ‘Life On Earth‘.

If you have never experienced ‘Life On Earth’ do yourself a huge favor and at least watch a few minutes on YouTube. David’s voice is mesmerizing. I watched the series when it first came out on BBC TV in 1979. I have since watched it at least 6 times. The 2 older kids used to watch the VHS tape, often. They too loved the show. I had multiple formats of the book. Not sure if I still have a copy. Will have to look around. If I don’t, I really should get a copy.

Click for the YouTube.

Click for the YouTube.

‘Life on Earth’ (and even ‘Planet Earth’ (of which we have the DVD set)) was brilliant. ‘Africa’ leaves them in the dust!

The telephoto and zoom camera shots are breathtaking. This is the pinnacle of HD technology at its best. They also throw in a huge amount of intriguing information — like the go/no-go distance at which a Cheetah decides to chase a pray. Plus, creatures you would never have seen. It is an amazing show. We watched Episode 2 last night. The baby elephant dying was distressing. But, it was all compulsive watching. Yes, Discover Channel, as is their wont, does its best to obliterate the image with obnoxious promotional ads in all 4 corners of the screen. Their greed has no end.