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Bought Tickets For ‘THE Circus’, Ringling Brothers, For October 2013 — As Usual.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Going to the October ‘Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey‘ circus at the Verizon in Manchester, NH, has become a cherished annual event over the last five or six years — us also typically taking in the elephant parade before that got nixed by the circus last year. [More on that in a later post.]

The first time we went we had to redeem a FREE TICKET voucher that Deanna had got when Devanee was a baby. Barnum & Bailey give a free voucher to all babies provided the parents claim the voucher before the baby turns one.

barnum & bailey free kids voucher

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When I went to Verizon box office to redeem the voucher and get 3 more tickets I discovered that the voucher only covered the ‘cheap’ seats. So I ended up getting 4 ‘cheap’, i.e., ~$20, seats. When we went to the performance we were pleasantly surprised. Given that the arena is quite small and the circus ‘floor’ occupies all of the ‘floor’ space, the cheap seats were GOOD.

Since then I have always gotten the cheap seats.

This year was no different. Though we get, through e-mail, all sorts of ‘buy tickets early’ promotions from the circus, I refrain since it involves dealing with Ticketmaster and I loathe Ticketmaster with a vengeance. So if we happen to be within 20 miles, i.e., Concord, we drive to the Box Office and buy the tickets at the window. As far as I recall the tickets for this year went on sale last week. But, I wasn’t too concerned. The show we go to is never full.

Yesterday morning, i.e., Monday, we were in Concord. We had to drop Devanee off at a 12-night camp. We then headed to the Verizon. It was very quiet.

I got exactly the tickets I wanted. 2nd row from the floor. So we can still be close enough to be perspired upon by the clowns. The four tickets averaged out to $22 each. Parking, thanks to Manchester’s Event Parking, is a $1. So it is not an expensive outing and is definitely worth the money.

I happened to be served by the Assistant Manager of the Box Office. I was telling him that I always come and buy my tickets at the window. He confirmed that that was always the best way — if you can make it to Manchester.

This is the seating configuration at the Verizon for the circus. The ‘stage’ and the ‘blue/gray’ in the middle are the ‘floor’ [i.e. ring] for the circus. There are cheap seats in the yellow sections and if you know the setup, as I do, and the Box Office person is willing to help you, you can get 2nd row seats, in the yellow segments for the kind of price I did. We once, for Cirque du Soleil, did the purple seats. They were too far. Not doing that again.