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IBM: ‘Watson Health Cloud’ — Could End Up Being But High Level Flannel.

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by Anura Guruge

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I am already on record in stating that IBM’s ‘Watson‘ technology is the new jewel in its now slightly tarnished crown. ‘Watson’ is the future. Mainframes, at long last, the past.

I am sure that Watson has the potential to do much to enhance medicine and healthcare in the decades to come.

But knowing IBM as well as I do, I am not convinced right now, that IBM has the wherewithal and the will to make this ‘Watson Health Cloud‘ into anything meaningful. Yes, it will, of course, do specific, carefully crafted “party tricks” — but those aren’t going to get anybody far. Basically what I am trying to say is that we are unlikely to see this Health Cloud deliver useful, germane results for many years to come. Watson does have the technology analyze huge quantities of data BUT we still don’t know the right questions to ask. And that is going to take some time to work out how to best exploit what Watson can deliver. In the meantime Watson Health Cloud could end up becoming what they refer to as ‘High Level Flannel’ — i.e., a nice fluffy feeling without much substance behind it. Think ‘fluff’ and appropriately we in this case are also talking Cloud.

So this is my fear. IBM is going, through financial and marketing necessity, try to make this Cloud impress. But it is not going to ready. It will do, as I said, before some ‘party tricks’. People might get disillusioned with it before it gets a chance to mature and be productive.

And heaven help IBM if there is a data breach as happened to Anthem. IBM will, of course, have better security than bumbling Anthem, but you cannot always protect against insiders who are bought off!

So, I am happy to see this initiative, I just hope IBM doesn’t rush it.