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New Hampshire: How Long Before You Receive Permanent Plastic Driver License After Online Renewal — 2015?

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by Anura Guruge

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I average 12 hits a day on my original July 2012 post
on how long it takes to get your permanent driver’s license
in New Hampshire — after an online renewal.

So I feel obligated to keep you all up to-date.

28 Days
in June — July 2015.

Deanna applied for her’s, online on June 11, 2015.

She received her plastic, permanent license on July 9, 2015.

28 days. So that took 8 days longer than it did with mine in 2012.

But there was 4th of July within that period. That would have added a few days.

But it is still way shorter than the 40 to 60 days they say — to be on the safe side.

Ordering A “Pocket Hose” Directly From ‘Telebrands’ Results In 6 Week Shipping LEAD TIME.

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by Anura Guruge

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pockethoseThis is frigging crazy. 6 weeks to get a frigging “Pocket Hose”, from ‘Telebrands’, after giving the reprobates $15.98 shipping for $79.97 bloody order for 125′ hose with brass fittings.

Summer in New Hampshire will be over before the damn hoses arrives.

It gets WORSE. They claim to sell it via Amazon — and with Prime they are claiming 2 day FREE shipping. Plus the prices are cheaper.

Does not make sense.

I know that Amazon is MAGIC and that Prime is just top-notch icing on what is already a fine cake. But, this is ridiculous. 6 weeks with Telebrands and nearly $16 in shipping and 2 days with Amazon — though I do know that Telebrands does offer expedited shipping for a higher price.

Screw Telebrands. This is a scam. Deal directly with Amazon and to be on the safe side order a different brand. From what I can see they are ALL equally susceptible to rupture — after moderate use. Another reason to go with Amazon. You KNOW they will take care of you.

Hope this helps.

P.S., The link that Telebrands provides you with for checking order status, www.GetOrderStatus.com, does NOT bloody work.

Update From Reader On How Long It Takes To Get A NH Permanent Plastic Driver License.

Original Post:
How Long Before You Receive Permanent Plastic Driver License After Online Renewal
July 18, 2012.

<< I got mine in 20 days in July 2012 after an online renewal >>

An anonymous reader sent this to me this morning via e-mail:

Most people get theirs in two weeks. After three weeks I called DMV in Concord, and she said the printer has not picked it up.

I called Thursday this this week. The woman said: ‘it is in progress‘.

I said my son got his in two weeks; how come most people get theirs in two weeks, and others longer. Her answer: ‘It depends on the cycle‘. I asked what does that mean? No answer.

Now it will be four weeks. After having my license for 40 years I feel like I’m on the 60 day probation. I also did mine online. This is causing some anxiety.

In process or being processed feel like I’m getting the runaround.