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Wendy’s, Concord (NH) Was Streaming News & Stock Market Quotes From 6-Days AGO!

by Anura Guruge

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Very strange. Inexplicable, weird and kind of disconcerting.

We were in Concord today and Teischan, given a choice of what and where to eat, quite surprisingly chose Wendy’s — even though we had suggested her usual favorite, Friendly’s.

They have changed the menu and I am not sure whether it is for the best (and I do happen to own Wendy’s shares).

They, as is their practice, had two large TVs. It was streaming news and stock market happenings including stock prices. I had not checked any stock in a few hours but seeing Google down $15 did not seem right. I didn’t get too excited to begin with. I then saw some references to the trade war with China! That seemed wrong. I had heard, in the morning, that we had declared a truce on that. Ahhh!

Then I happened to notice the day and time. May 15. It was May 21. The time was also wrong.

Tried to explain this to an oriental manager. He was not too conversant with the English.

Strange ….

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by Anura Guruge

New & Exciting “VIBES Gourmet Burgers” In Concord Offering 50% Introductory Discount — For 6 Days.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access offer from the “Concord Monitor”

VIBES Gourmet Burgers” is part owned by a very good friend of ours from Gilford. Quite literally the ‘salt of the earth’. We haven’t been to Concord, atypically, in ages, so we have not had a chance as yet to try this place out. We have heard rave reviews. At a 50% discount these Burgers are at Wendy’s prices. How can YOU lose? I am dying to go and take some pictures. I really need to get out more! But please go and try them out. Cheers. If you see a General Manager named ‘Gary‘ tell him that the brown guy sent you.

This, now that I think about it, would be a GREAT PLACE for the New Hampshire Primary crowd.

by Anura Guruge