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Sri Lanka CHOGM 2013: Some Sri Lankans Appear To Oppose It Too, For Cost (& Corruption) Reasons I Think.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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On average I get 3 to 4 e-mails a day from Sri Lankans, that I do not know, with various political, propaganda and op-ed messages. Some are in Sinhalese, which is a shame — because it is pearls before swine.
[I can no longer read Sinhalese though my first 10 grades of schooling was all in Sinhalese and I did ace an ‘A’, at A-level (from the University of London exam board), for Sinhalese in 1970 when I had to get at least an ‘O’-level in a second language in order to apply for any Universities in the U.K.]

Today I got an e-mail with a picture of malnourished kids, who I assume are meant to be Sri Lankan (though I am skeptical of that) alongside a fleet of what looks like bloody German Mercedes Benzes. Picture reproduced below. It had a link to a Facebook page ‘Ape Rata. OK. I am sure ‘Ape’ means ‘OUR’. My Sinhalese isn’t that rusty. And I think ‘Rata’ means ‘country’. So it, I think, means ‘Our Country’. I visited (and yes, given that computers were my life for over 40 years) I do have ways and means of getting to things I want — THOUGH I do not have a Facebook account (to Deanna’s increasing ‘annoyance’ or amusement).

Interesting Facebook. It is all in Sinhalese BUT the pictures are worth a MILLION RUPEES. They cracked me up. The guy with the moustache, in white (our national dress) with a red stole (like the pope, because his wife is Catholic) is the current President — the one that put an end to the three decades old civil war. I do not know him. I think he is the FIRST President that is a total stranger to me. I knew, personally, all of the early ones and even a fairly recent one. This one, I have no personal experience. I have heard good, bad and the ugly.

Well, the cartoons and pictures, all from facebook/aparata tell their own story. I think we can all work out what they are saying. I assume that they must have imposed a 7% tax to cover CHOGM costs. Yes, I had heard about the corruption — but the way I look at it is corruption is all around us and third-world countries like Sri Lanka learned from the best, the West. So, as I like to say, in my pidgin English: ‘It is like the pottle calling the kettle brown’.



Click any of the images to access facebook/aperata


If this is TRUE it is criminal. Why Sri Lankans like bloody German cars is beyond me. Yes, the Germans didn’t bomb us, the Japanese did. What can I say. I can’t apologize because I am not Sri Lankan anymore.


Not much more to add here. Make up your own minds. I really have no skin in the game here.