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SSK 2TB PORTABLE Storage, With Built-In Wi-Fi, For Backing Up Android Phones, E.G., Google Pixel 4.

by Anura Guruge

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Of course, from Amazon. Search ‘SSK 2TB’.

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What the SSK APP looks like.

This is when I am TRAVELLING & don’t have ready access to FAST Internet to backup my pictures on the cloud.

We, with our PHONES, take cloud backup for GRANTED but that is contingent on having decent Wi-Fi/Internet — especially when you take as many pictures as I do.

What happens if you don’t have Wi-Fi/Internet, the connection is patchy or it is just too slow. Your photos don’t get backed-up. That is OK UNTIL something BAD happens to your phone — lose it, drop it, break it or you accidently delete the photos.

That is where this little (& it is small enough) GIZMO steps in.

It has its own built-in Wi-Fi.

You connect your phone, Google Pixel 4, in my case, to that Wi-Fi. Yes, you have to type in the password each time.

Once you are connected & LOGGED IN (password AGAIN), Bob’s your uncle. It will automatically backup your pictures. Just what I wanted.

Why Wi-Fi rather than an USB connection.

Bloody Android 10! Clobbered USB-attached storage. I tried. I tried.

That is when I found this. This works.

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by Anura Guruge