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Why Does The Maker Of “Aleve Direct Therapy” TENS Unit Call Itself “Hollywog”?

by Anura Guruge


This, as you can see below, is what Aleve is selling — different color, their name. Click on image to access the “Hollywog” product page.


The “Aleve Direct Therapy” TENS unit. Notice it is the same as the “WiTouch”,¬†above, from Hollywog. Click image to access the Aleve product page.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access the original at the “hollywog.com” Website.

Click here to access original.

I saw an Ad. for the “Aleve Direct Therapy” TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit on TV on Friday. It immediately piqued my attention since it was WIRELESS. Deanna, with a chronic, disabling back pain does have a rather fancy TENS unit provided for her by her Insurance Company. She, however, does not wear it much since she has trouble with the wires and as a result ends up getting electrical shocks. Of late I have been urging her to use it more … and that is when I saw the Aleve. [I happen to be a BIG fan of Aleve, and have been for decades since a very nice Air Hostess on a flight gave me two Aleves, from her personal supply, to ease a neck pain.]

Deanna and I both started doing research on wireless TENS units when Deanna came across “Hollywog“. I initially thought I was hearing the name wrong. Nope. Definitely “Hollywog”.

A Pollywog is a tadpole. But can’t find anything that relates “Hollywogs” to frogs.

That anybody would opt, of late, for any name ending in “Wog” surprised me. There has been enough fuss made of the word “Golliwog” (below) — and, yes, I do remember, of course, repeatedly been called a WOG, at school, in the early 1970s — though ‘wog’ really refers to men from the Middle East (just as Jesus) as opposed to Asians. I used to point that out to my rather ignorant schoolmates.

Then I did a Google on “Hollywog meaning” and came across ‘this’ (below) as the first result! What?

What where they thinking.


From “urbandictionary.com”. Pretty amazing.

How things ending in “wog” got a bad name.

From the U.K. “Daily Mail“.
Click link above to access original. Click on images to read here.


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by Anura Guruge