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PBS Masterpiece “Home Fires”, Episode 2 Which Airs Tonight, More Engaging Than ‘Indian Summers’.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access “Home Fires” homepage on PBS.

I had a hunch that this might be a ‘keeper’ and I may have got it right. I DVRed Episode 1 last Sunday, straight after recording Episode 2 of “Indian Summers“, and we watched it, mid-week after we had watched “Indian Summers”.

Teischan was enthralled and that just makes my day. These days I record many of these programmes for the kids. That they absolutely adore anything and everything to do with British period drama just cracks me up (in a nice way) given that they really haven’t had that much exposure to the ol’ country. It started, of course, with ‘Downton Abbey‘ but they have now seen all of ‘Cranford’ (via Roku & Amazon Prime), ‘Mr. Selfridge‘ and many episodes of ‘Upstairs/Downstairs’ (via Roku & Acorn).

“Home Fires” is a warm and cozy story kind of like Cranford meets Downton Abbey in 1939.

I have been wracking my brain to see if I knew anybody who attended “Women’s Institute” (WI) meetings on a regular basis and I am still drawing a blank. But, of course, WI is no stranger to I.

I loved Episode 1. It was cute and compelling.

I found it much more engaging that “Indian Summers”. We have now watched 2 episodes and I am still not convinced about it. It seems to lack some pivotal  je ne sais quoi. It has got all the right ingredients but in my book it still comes up short. Per PBS tonight’s episode 3 is supposed to have fireworks. Lets hope so. We are going to watch all of it, but right now I am more looking forward to seeing episode 2 of ‘Home Fires’ than E3 of ‘Indian Summers’.

P.S., We (Deanna & I) watched Episode 1 of “The Widower“. It was GOOD. Give it a try. Interesting. Enjoy.