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The ‘Smooth Typing’ Feature Of Word 2016 Works For Me.

by Anura Guruge

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I, very atypically for me, installed Office 2016 on my main PC, though there were no new features or bug fixes that I required!

That I could, successfully have, both my OLD Office 2007 and the new Office 2016, side-by-side, was a HUGE factor. Yes, I first tried it on my backup PC, yesterday, to be on the safe side.

So this afternoon, while in the midst of writing my latest book (and NO this one is not about orgasms) I installed Office 2016 while Office 2007 was running.

Wow. Microsoft has come a long way. Installation was smooth (and to be fair I had previously installed Office 2016, on 4 different PCs/laptops in the last 48 hours).

Just for the heck of it I closed Word 2007 (which I have been using since 2010) and opened the document I was working on, Chapter 2 of the new book, in Word 2016. Seamless — though it said ‘Compatability Mode’. I started typing and noticed the ‘smooth typing’. It was immediately apparent. Now for all I type, I am neither a touch typist nor a fast typist. I type at my own pace. Yes, I get a lot typed but it is not very fast. Basically type as fast as my brain is going at — and that is ALL I want. It works for I and at 62 I am NOT going to change. Typing faster would NOT help I since I would not have anything to type! I have to know what I want to type and that is why typing at the speed my brain thinks at is good for I.

I like it.

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by Anura Guruge