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‘HostGator’ Web Hosting — Just Absolutely AMAZING Telephone Support Makes All The Difference.

by Anura Guruge

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Template-Based ‘Site123’ Website Builder Is Different To Others — & Kind Of Grows On You.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the ‘Site123’ Website.

It is an Israeli outfit that started in c. 2016. So, not that old, & I kind of think that they are not that well known. But, that could change.

I am YET AGAIN looking around for a decent Website builder — with exceptional blogging capabilities, outside of WordPress. I have kind of had it with WordPress (& some of its limitations).

I have been playing around on ‘Site123‘ today. Kind of impressed & humbled. Yes, quite idiosyncratic — to say the least, but kind of in a good way.

They specialize in ONE-PAGE Websites — everything just added to the bottom of the page, ALBEIT with MENU BAR navigation to all the subpages so to speak. But, you can create multi-page sites too or even cuter a combination of both. That kind of gets powerful quick, especially as you can select what is shown in the NAVIGATION.

Everything has to be per their prebuilt templates & layouts — BUT they have quite a selection, with some degree of customization possible. I have only used the site for about 2-hours. I, however, have liked what I have seen.

If I go with them, you will, of course, here much more about them. It would be the ultimate accolade for them. SMILE.

WordPress.com Totally Screws Up ‘Copy A Post’ Feature — Which Worked Great For Years!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

I use the WordPress ‘Copy a Post’ feature EVERYDAY — multiple times a day. Actually, I hardly ever create a ‘New Post’ from scratch. I always use a prior post as a template — and do so by COPYING it. Has worked fine for years. It was one of the more powerful capabilities of WordPress.

There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. It worked fine. ‘Copy a Post’ appeared as an option, on the left hand-side menu bar under ‘Posts’. You clicked on that and you got a list of all your recent posts plus a built-in search capability. Just select a prior post and off you went.

Then about 5 days ago the ‘Copy a Post’ option disappeared, without any explanation.

As a 10-year veteran of WordPress I knew others ways to copy a post. I did that.

Next day, WordPress was FORCED to add the EXPLANATION BOX highlighted in the above image. We didn’t need this. We had been doing fine. Doing GREAT.

Why fix something that definitely was NOT broken? Typical WordPress. Just can’t leave a good-thing alone.

Well, there must have been an outcry. The NEXT DAY they went back and reinserted the ‘Copy a Post’ option in the menu, BUT it did not work like before. Idiots.

I do despair of WordPress.com. They just insist on breaking what were perfectly good features.

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by Anura Guruge

Unless You Are A Masochist, DO NOT Switch To The New WordPress.com ‘Gutenberg Editor’.

by Anura Guruge

If you select this new editor, which may pop-up in your blog dashboard you are LOCKED IN — even though the new editor is still in beta. There is a PLUGIN that will enable you to switch back but you can’t use Plugins on ‘Free’ WordPress.com blogs. That is inexcusable.

I could NOT make head or tail of the new editor. It was way too confusing. And I could not switch back.

So, I have given you a heads up. You have been warned.

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by Anura Guruge

Three WordPress.com Users That Look Identical — Like Identical Triplets.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Well, I haven’t been called “Eagle Eyes” most of my life for nothing.

I happened to notice, at a glance, that three of the four bloggers that liked this post (above) appeared to look the same.

So, I went looking. This is what I found:

Same, rather good looking, person? Stock photo lifted from the Web?

I actually think it is the SAME person, using three fake names and one fake photo.

Nice names. They look and sound so real and genuine. I particularly like ‘Mina Moore’.

Yes, that person is trying to gain traction on WP so as to promote his/her own Websites. That is fine. Just be classy enough to use three different stock photos. {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

Over 8,000 Published Posts On This Blog, viz. NHlifefree.com

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

I kind of knew that this was creeping up on me.

This will be the 8,003rd published post. Over the years — around the last 5 years — I have probably deleted around 60 posts. So, this number only reflects what is currently published — as opposed to a running count.

The very first post on this blog was made in June 2009. So, it is in theory, 8-years old. If we go with that, that is 1,000 posts a year, 2.7 a year.

In reality I did not start using this blog, in earnest, till the Summer 2012 London Olympics. That says it is close to 5-years old. That would give us ~1,500 posts/year, 4 a day.

Here is a statistic that blew my mind. IF you only do one post a day, it will take you 21.9 years to publish 8,000 posts!

It is also sobering that there were periods during this time when I maintained multiple blogs — the now defunct ‘popes-and-papacy‘ key among them.

1,209,034 HITS as I write this.

That would mean that on average each of my posts got 151 views. Well, that is NOT the case. That is just statistics.

But, all said, I can live with 8,000+ posts and 1,209,034 HITS.

P.S., When I was at around 7,000 posts, I was told by WordPress that this was exceptionally high for a single-user blog — i.e., 99.99% of those posts were written by I.

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by Anura Guruge

Russians Visiting My Blog — Finding A Russian, i.e., Cyrillic, Search String ‘семафор’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

According to the ‘Flag Counter‘ Stats (on the sidebar) this blog has had 1,743 hits from Russia over the last few years. That, 0.14% of my overall hits, is neither here nor there, so to speak. These ‘Flag Counter’ stats nor the WordPress.com provided stats I am forced to rely on, will, however, give me any clue as to how these Russian hits go here (i.e., what they were looking for) or what posts they looked at. C’est la vie. You have to assume that SOME of my varied topics might be of interest — AND I do have a published book in Russian!

But, today, I was surprised to find an actual cyrillic search string in my stats, viz. семафор. [See above.]

Thanks to the magic of Google, I could obviously get it translated at once.

It means ‘Semaphore’.

And, I do indeed have posts on semaphores though I am sure the Russians were looking for that term in the context of computer programming — and not, as is in my case, railway signals. I feel bad.

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by Anura Guruge

“National Orgasm Day” Is Coming, My Stats Are Going Up “Orgasms 101”.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access this information packed blog …

It is 12:30pm and the stats are going up. Tomorrow will be another BANNER day. I am glad. It amuses me. Click to ENLARGE.

I do NOT need to be reminded that “National Orgasm Day” (NOD) is coming, but it was CUTE to get this notification from WordPress. I knew it was coming, BUT was not expecting it this early.

I wish I had the time to post on this orgasm blog. I had big hopes for it. Just a matter of how and where I spend my time and I have decided to expend all my blogging time on THIS blog, for better or worse.

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by Anura Guruge

WordPress.com Has Not Been “The Same” Since December 2016 — For A Start, ‘Site Stats’ Shot.

by Anura Guruge

NO “Blog in Review” for 2016!

2015 WordPress.com 'Blog in Review' opening page. WordPress.com did NOT do one for 2016! They have been doing it for years.

2015 WordPress.com ‘Blog in Review’ opening page. WordPress.com did NOT do one for 2016! They have been doing it for years.

Only the new version of “Site Stats” now available.

Stats are extremely ERRATIC indicating that they are having Server issues,
i.e., servers DROPPING hits because they can’t keep up.
Known problem, BUT this time around it has been happening since January 1, 2017.


Haven’t heard from a ‘Happiness Engineer‘ all year!

Usually, as a rather active ‘Premium Plan‘ blogger I get a “Hi, need any help“, at least once a month. Usually more often.

Nothing at all in 2017. I suspect that there has been major layoffs.

The Stats problem bugs me.

But, nothing you can do.

At WordPress.com’s mercy.

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by Anura Guruge

Journey Through Bladder Cancer Treatment By My Former Colleague Patrice Bourgeois Leeds.

by Anura Guruge

Patrice Bourgeois Leeds cancer blog radiation bladder

Click image to access WordPress blog by Patrice Bourgeois Leeds about her journey through cancer treatment.

Patrice and I worked at CASE Communications, in Columbia, Maryland, 31-year ago. Her Dad worked for CASE too — and I worked with him for over a year before Patrice joined the crew. Her Dad, about the same age as my Adoptive Father, was my first mentor in the U.S. and a very good and dependable friend. He and I, I from the Britain and he from the U.S., were part of the original CASE U.S.A management team — CASE, a market-leading U.K. company having bought the U.S. Rixon Corporation to get a foothold in the U.S. Patrice was the Product Manager for Multiplexers. I was the Director of Marketing for Multiplexers. So she controlled my destiny. Her Dad was the Directing Marketing for Distributor Sales. He helped me sell through the ‘channels’ as we called it. So these two, daughter and dad, played a huge hand in my fortunes and income. They never let me down. A rarity at CASE.

 I had lost touch with Patrice over the years, and alas Dad is no longer with us.

Just over a year ago, the unexpected death of two of our other colleagues, Don & Sandy Pyle, in that famous Christmas-tree fire of a multi-million dollar mansion, brought a few of us together — over social media.

I only found out that Patrice had cancer around Christmas. She kept it to herself until she decided she was not going to have the surgery.

She had asked me about doing a blog and I urged her to do so — and, of course, suggested WordPress.

So, we now have a blog.

I am a great believer that stories like this HAVE to be told. It is good for all. Therapeutic to write and inspirational to others. Plus, Patrice can write — and write well.

Patrice has to get better and not get too tired during the treatment because I have twisted her arm to proof my books. She is good with anything to do with words.

So, bookmark her blog. Wish her well. And follow her on her journey.

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by Anura Guruge