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Netflix “The Dig” (2021) Movie — Superbly Showcases WW II-Era British Human Decency, Class Snobbery & Homosexuality.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access ‘IMDb.com’ listing for this outstanding movie.

YouTube trailer

I watched this Netflix movie, with awe, last night & did NOT want it to end. I kept on wishing & hoping that it was a SERIES rather than a solitary movie because I wanted MORE. Much more. It was that good.

Netflix has done it again. They really have found the touch. This was a GREAT movie. Yes, IF you are NOT an Anglophile you might complain that it was a tad slow. But, it needed that pace to SHOWCASE & dramatize its touching take on what used to be quintessential British HUMAN DECENCY. Britain used to be famous for it & I think we can still find it there. Wow. So many examples of how decent we were. Brought tears to my eyes.

Also, alas, but realistically portrayed what used to be — & probably still is, but not as blatantly — British CLASS warfare. Wow. Working class against the TOFFS. Smile.

Though many might not notice it, the movie also cast quite the light on what used to be rampant male homosexuality among the ‘Oxbridge’ crowd. I, even in the late 1960s, saw it first hand. I got expelled from Public School because I went to extraordinary lengths to bring this (among some of the Masters) to the attention of the parents. Thanks to my efforts quite a few kids managed to convince their parents to take them away from Boarding School. So, this theme amused me, no end. SMILE.

Good movie. IF you liked ‘Downton Abbey’ you probably will ENJOY it. Watch it. You will THANK ME. Based on a TRUE STORY.

Click to ENLARGE & read here. Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutton_Hoo

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by Anura Guruge

“The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” (2018) Movie On Netflix — Outstanding, Heartwarming & Funny.

by Anura Guruge


YouTube trailer

Yes, I loved it. But, then again it was like bespoke for I. All the elements that appeal: British, historical, pigs, books, London & islands.

Great story. Haven’t checked whether it is based on a true story. But, the German occupation of Guernsey was very real & painful. This story very could have happened even if the name of the Society is a tad contrived.

I even recognized — & even more surprisingly correctly placed two of the cast. That is very unusual for I.

Yes, I am sure it is not for everyone. But, if you are into WWII period drama, literature, humor, pigs & a bit of romance you can’t go wrong. Yes, it is predictable, but that doesn’t detract. SMILE.

I enjoyed it. Not sure it can be repeated per se.

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by Anura Guruge

Remembrance Sunday 2019: 750,000 Red Poppies Dropped Over The Cliffs Of Dover By A WWII DC-3 ‘Dakota’.

by Anura Guruge

All images courtesy and with thanks from my favorite newspaper,
the incomparable U.K. “Daily Mail

Click to ENLARGE.

They were biodegradable — an paper poppies usually are. {Smile}.

Another outstanding tribute. I am so PROUD and happy. We do this with so much panache.

Wanted to share with YOU in case you hadn’t seen this. I saw this first thing this morning in the ‘Daily Mail‘.

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by Anura Guruge

“Ladies in Lavender” Movie (2004) — Quaint, V. British, Violin Extravaganza & Very Watchable.

by Anura Guruge

Click for IMDb.com listing.

The Full Movie, for FREE, on YouTube!

Found it on Amazon Prime for free. It was British, had Judi Dench and looked interesting. Did I already mention that it was also FREE.

That Maggie Smith, who we identify as being from “Downton Abbey” was a bonus.

It was very watchable, quaint and nicely captured the 1940 feel. Some superb pictures of the Cornwall coast. The violin music was impressive,

Improbable story! Could not have happened. Just ahead of WWII and he is a German-speaking Pole. But, an easy enough yarn to relax through. Not taxing. Just mellow.

If you are into quaint, 1940s British dramas — this is for you. Plus, two GREAT ladies. You can’t go wrong. Read about the movie and the two ladies on IMDb.com. Interesting. They are nearly twins.

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by Anura Guruge

The GREAT Sir Winston Churchill Was Born This Day 143-Years Ago; November 30, 1874.

by Anura Guruge

The justifiably legendary
“We shall fight on the beaches” speech.

Click to ENLARGE. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winston_Churchill

The stupendously MAGNIFICENT “Blenheim Palace” — which belonged to his grandfather. I have visited it a few times. A REAL “Downton Abbey”. The gardens certainly more spectacular.

I guess I am on record, on this blog, as saying, 2.5-years ago, that he was my GREATEST hero.

That indeed has to be the case. He gives me goose bumps, inspiration and fortitude. I admire him much, for his leadership, courage, intellect, oratory, humor and above all his writing. Boy, could he write. Wish I could write like that. Yes, of course, I know of his supposed failings. He probably would not have liked me much — just because of the color of my skin! Pity. But, in a way he was a product of his era when Britain truly did rule the Empire. I also attribute the rumors as to his supposed ‘gayness’ to a British ‘thing’ of ‘that era’! It was commoner than most would appreciate.

What a MAN. To I, it was he who made sure WE won WWII. Whether they knew it or not, all the other key players were led (by their nose (most of the time) by Dear Winston.

Yes, I have paid him the highest compliment that I can. I named a gorgeous, very regal Golden after him. My ‘Winston’ from 1998.


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by Anura Guruge

Bust Or No Bust, What Would Churchill Make Of Donald Trump?

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the original.

steve-benena3ad864a-ba41-514d-1740-6b5d3c9c5b10That Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill KG OM CH TD PC DL FRS RA is one of my GREATEST HEROES should not come as a surprise to any regular readers of this blog.

While I am glad that Donald Trump appears to share my admiration for this GREAT MAN, who was half-American (in that his mother was indeed an American), I, who know a fair bit about the demi-god, have some major doubts where he would have thought highly of Trump.

First and foremost Churchill would have HATED the “America First” remarks. Winston SUFFERED manly as a result of such sentiments in the 1030s when Europe was entering WWII and the U.S.A. wanted to remain neutral. Winston visited the U.S. to beg the Americans to change their attitude. That alone would be a huge sticking point between the two. Churchill was BIG on Allied partnerships.

Though Winston was known to be fond of women and greatly enjoy hetrosexual sex, it is well documented that he (despite his enormous power) was NEVER a sexual predator. He, true to his genuine aristocratic roots, was a good British Gentleman who treated women with respect (other than on a few humorous occasions when provoked by upper class ladies). He would not have tolerated Trump’s crudity. He would have found that vulgar.

Winston was also a GREAT scholar and a brilliant writer. He would have been appalled by Trump’s ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Winston also served in the military, in active duty, MULTIPLE times. He would not have been impressed with Trump’s 5 defferements.

And then there is Public Service. Winston served the British public in some capacity ALL his adult life! He would have found it hard to fathom that Trump, until becoming President, had not done any public service.

So, I think, my hero Winston will look down on Trump with disdain.

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by Anura Guruge