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A ‘Mill Hill’ Cricket XI From 1970.

by Anura Guruge

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I think it is 1970 (my first season there) though there is a 25% chance that it is 1971. 

Definitely the 2nd XI — if not 3rd, but I am leaning towards the former as I look at some of these reprobates.

Actually there were some very fine cricketers in this team, the shady looking wog in shades notwithstanding. The middle three in the front row, befitting that status, was good. The little Indian guy, at the left, was a very fine spinner. I would not be surprised if he went onto play at some v. high levels. Three others in the back-row, the one sandwiched between the two wogs and two others next to the shady wog in the middle were impressive cricketers. That is why I think that this was the Second XI. I never made the 1st so it is easy to rule out that. It might have been the 3rds, that I occasionally was dropped to, but some of the others were regular 2nds. The ‘bigger’, taller, strapping guys were decent ‘fast’ bowlers.

I think the ONLY picture I have of Mill Hill.

Very sad BUT I do not remember the names of any of my teammates. Sorry. I would LOVE to get in touch with all of them. On the whole a good bunch.

This picture was taken in front of ‘School House’. 

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by Anura Guruge