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Chocolate Easter Eggs Do Not Have The Word ‘Easter’ On Them.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access original article at ‘metro.co.uk’ or type in ‘Cadbury’ into Google News.

A quick search of Amazon for Easter eggs.

Given that I do read the U.K. news daily I had heard about this brouhaha. I wasn’t sure whether this is new, i.e., Easter 2016. Though I buy dozens of these eggs every year (year round if I see them) I can’t say whether I have ever notice what the wrappers said. I always thought of them as Creme Eggs. I am not sure that there is much point trying to make a fuss about this. Chocolate makers, understandably, would like to sell these eggs year round and I am all in favor of that (though I personally have NOT eaten a chocolate egg in 3 years, though over the years, prior to that, I must have eaten hundreds of these).

C’est la vie. Happy Easter.

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by Anura Guruge