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Willow TV (Cricket): New Customers Can Get It For Half The Price Paid By Existing Customers!

by Anura Guruge

Live cricket starts again
on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

England vs. West Indies
from Southampton/West End (my old hometown).

Willow TV will have coverage.

Another, unforgivable, screw existing customers while trying to recruit new scheme. Yes, everybody tries it.

No, you can’t, if you are on the $10/month plan pick to pay $60, up front, and get 12-months. In a way, that is kind of crazy on Willow’s part. A punter is giving you $60 UPFRONT.

Well you know the solution. SMILE.

You have been told. No need to thank I. That is why I am here.

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by Anura Guruge

GoDaddy Commits The Cardinal Sin Of Screwing Existing Loyal Customers While Trying To Attract New Suckers.


Anura Guruge

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GoDaddy NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY pricing for Web hosting.

GoDaddy NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY pricing for Web hosting.

My historic WOWNH.COM Website that I have had since 1998. Check it out.

My historic WOWNH.COM Website that I have had since 1998. Check it out.

I have been a loyal and lucrative GoDaddy customers for at least 12 years. There were years, when I hosted large numbers of Websites for myself and others, that I paid over $1,500 a year (quite gladly) to GoDaddy.

Even now I am probably paying upwards of $500 a year to GoDaddy.

I have been an ARDENT FAN for a decade. I can’t even count the number of referrals I sent their way.

And ‘yes’ there have been times when GoDaddy has been amazingly good to me — like earlier this year during the papal transfer when my popes-and-papacy blog, hosted on GoDaddy, was getting 150 connection requests per second. Of course I have publicly thanked GoDaddy for their help.

But, something has happened at GoDaddy, to OUR DETRIMENT, over the last 6 months. Yes, I know that there has been change of management at the top. Well, he better get his act together SOON because I am cancelling my products at GoDaddy at quite a rate.

I still have five or six Websites hosted at GoDaddy and yes, every year, I have to renew them.

Yesterday I had to renew ‘wownh.com‘. wownh.com, like guruge.com, has now become basically a ‘placeholder’ site. I don’t do anything on them, mainly because I built them with FrontPage and I can’t be bothered to use FP anymore. Blogging is easier and less time consuming. But, I want to preserve my Web presence since I have had these sites, uninterrupted, for over 12 years.

GoDaddy wants $9/month — $108/year — for hosting these Websites. That is crazy. They offer the EXACT SAME hosting package as I am renewing for half the price to new customers. But, I can’t renew at that price.

Their solution: I can cancel my current hosting, buy a new plan and then re-install the Website.


That is EXACTLY what I am going to do … but not with YOU. Thank YOU.

This will give me the excuse to get away from FP and move to a template-based, in-the-cloud solution.

I have already spent 2 hours (that I really don’t have) looking at, with amazement, at Weebly, Wix & Yola.

I already have an account at Weebly.

I didn’t have the time to port across wownh.com yesterday. So I renewed it for a year — PLUS they owed me $21 that I could apply to the $108. But, that will be the LAST HOSTING that I am going to be paying GoDaddy.

Teischan.com is due for renewal on November 28, 2013. This is the PERFECT Website for me to mess around with learning a new template-based system. It is not ‘mission-critical’ and it is very simple and ‘flat’. So, that is the plan.

Once I master the new system I will recreate all the other sites on that platform — though I get a feeling that I may opt to use both Yola and Wix.

Stay tuned.

I was so mad yesterday that I immediately cancelled my GoDaddy Online File Folder though it was not due for renewal till the end of January 2014! I didn’t even bother to export the 100MB of data I had stored there! Screw it. I have other backups. I LOVE and I do mean LOVE Google Drive. It is so easy and convenient to use through Chrome. No need to logon. It is always there.

This is so sad. I would have stayed with GoDaddy. I like to be a loyal, long-term customer UNLESS I feel that I am being raped.

I hope the new GoDaddy management sees the light sometime soon BEFORE it is too late.