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‘Chobani’ Yogurt, With Its Marvelous Act Of Charity, Demonstrates It Is A Real Classy Company.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click image to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” coverage. Google for more — if you so wish.

This story was SO uplifting. Good for you Chobani. You did us all proud.

School lunches are so important to kids in need. To deprive them of lunch, when they are so much in need of it, is a crime.

This is the U.S. of A. the world’s richest country. But, kids in this country go hungry. It is crazy that we can’t fix this school lunch ‘craziness’. It is like healthcare for all!

I am so proud of Chobani. I used to be a BIG eater of Chobani yogurt up until 2.5 months ago. Then following my knee injury I went on an even severe diet than the one I had been on for the last 6-years. I even cut out flavored yogurt. I went to plain yogurt.

But, after this, rather than buying storebrand plain yogurt, I am going to buy Chobani. I want them to do good so that they can continue their marvelous charity work.


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by Anura Guruge

I Have Become Hooked On Yoplait’s New ‘Oui’ French Yogurt In A Cute Glass Jar.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the official Website ‘Oui’.

I stumbled upon these cute ‘Oui‘ jars, serendipitously, in Cambridge, MA, when we were there yesterday for ‘Revels‘.

I eat some form of yogurt each day and have been doing so for 20-years.

Of late I have restricted myself to plain, Greek yogurt to keep away from the sugar and sweeteners.

But, I had a strawberry-flavored ‘Oui’ as a treat. I was hooked.

Today, when I was at Walmart I went looking for them. Much to my delight they had some. I bought 5 jars … key lime, mango, blueberry and raspberry.

But, this will be just over Christmas.

I have been too chicken to even look at the label. I am sure it is ultra-high in carbs. Yikes. This is not good for me. But, I cannot resist.

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by Anura Guruge

“Noosa” — A Fine Yogurt With Pepper-Spiced Heat, BUT Alas Too ‘Rich’ For Me.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the “Noosa Yoghurt” Website.

I swung by Hannaford in Alton to pick up some items this afternoon and came across a lady doing a taste demo for this yogurt — or yoghurt, as they call it. She made a point of telling me to try the yogurt with HEAT — i.e., yogurt with chilli peppers. Well I like pepper and as I have talked about before, I eat a yogurt each and every day and have been doing so for nearly 20 years.

I tried the “Blackberry/Serrano” and loved it. She gave me a 55 cent coupon and I bought a container. It is a double size container — i.e., twice as much as your normal yogurt container.

When I came home I read the label. I was SHOCKED. The fat and carbs are WAY ABOVE what I would normally indulge in. A very rich yogurt. But it sure tasted good. Yum. Yum. Would love to eat some everyday with the chilli but I couldn’t handle all that extra fat and carbs given that I, yet again, need to lose some weight!

I am going to try adding some chilli to my normal Greek yogurt. I will tell you if I crack the recipe. 

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by Anura Guruge

Dannon’s ‘Activia’ Probiotic Yogurt — Effectiveness Appears To Plateau Then Peter Off.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. ‘Activia’ carbs.

Until this past weekend I had been eating at least one ‘Activia’ Probiotic yogurt — typically the larger container — every day (bar maybe 4 days in total) since Monday, April 27, 2015. So that was 231 days of eating ‘Activia’.

To begin with it worked, as claimed, like a charm and I was signing its praises. I had started eating ‘Activia’ because I was sure that I would have been able to claim that the ‘Activia’ Challenge did not work and as such I needed my money back. But I was happy with ‘Activia’ for months. The Challenge Worked! I will gladly admit that.

What is even more interesting is that I was not a newcomer to eating daily yogurt. I had been eating a yogurt a day, bar a very, very occasional lapse, since 1998. So by the time I started eating ‘Activia’ I had been on daily yogurt for 17 years. And even with that I could tell that ‘Activia’ made a difference.

But of late I have been getting skeptical about ‘Activia’ benefits as it applied to I. The biggest problem being that the ‘Activia’ that we can readily buy in New Hampshire — i.e., regular ‘Activia’ — is VERY HIGH in Carbs. 18g of Carbohydrates per small container, 15g of that sugar. This was starting to impact my low-carb diet. Plus I had noticed that the ‘Activia’ was not as effective as it had been to start with it.

So, with reluctance, I decided to ditch the ‘Activia’ and go back to my Cabot Low-Fat Greek Yogurt, that I had been eating, daily, for about a year before I started ‘Activa’. One whole tub of the Cabot has about the same carbs as a small container of ‘Activia’. Yes, of course, it doesn’t taste anywhere near as good BUT I can’t afford to be this fat. Have to lose more weight. So that is my story.500_greek-vanilla-2lb

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by Anura Guruge

Shalimar India, Portsmouth, N.H.: Tasty, Authentic Indian Food, Great Ambience & Decent Prices.

P1090172Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access their eye-catching and rather slick Website.


I am no stranger to the Shalimar. They have been in Portsmouth for 21 years and I have been going there, always eagerly, for at least 15 years — though, alas and alack, not as often as I would like, since we really don’t get down to Portsmouth that often.

We, however, did go to the newly redecorated, “Best of NH” 2009 to 2013, Shalimar, at 80 Hanover St., Portsmouth yesterday evening — that being Boxing Day.

bestofnhlogoIt was a cold, wet, snowy and dreary December night, and as you opened the door to the Shalimar you were greeted, warmly, by a gently waft of curry in the air. You, knew at once, that you were going to be nice and cozy inside; a temporary oasis away from the Winter.

They have redecorated the Shalimar, with great care and panache, over the Summer. Deanna noticed it at once. I have always liked the layout. It is very airy and the large picture window at the front ensures that feels open. You have privacy in the booths but the way they are laid out makes sure that you still get to see the comings and goings in the rest of the restaurants. The Mughal pillar silhouettes very cleverly painted on the walls definitely makes you feel like you are in an historic Mughal Palace in the Punjab (where the restaurant owner and cook, Mr. Harbhajan Singh comes from). Bravo. Nice touch. They also, for a change, have an impressive and informative Website. To me such touches indicate that they are thinking about the business and want to excel. That they have received the “Best of NH” for five years kind of confirms that.

This was the first time I had been to an Indian restaurant since I started my low-carb diet in January. So, I had to be careful as to what I ordered, plus, Devanee, the other Indian food aficionado in the family, was not with us. So in reality we didn’t order anything like the range and volume of food we had in the past.

I know that most folks in New Hampshire shy away from Indian restaurants because they are not sure about how and what to order. The Shalimar (where the name, befitting the new decorations on the walls, denotes a Mughal garden), to their credit, tries to make it easy for those that are still trying to unlock the mysterious delights of a full repertoire Indian menu — like the one they offer. They have vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizer (sampler) platters and and combo ‘special dinners’ for 1, 2 or 4. That is good. They also have a lunchtime buffet — where you can sample a lot of different dishes.

We ordered the non-vegetarian  appetizer platter and 4 Samosas, two vegetarian (for Deanna and Teischan) and two with minced lamb for me. The Samosas, as I knew they would be, were first class. The minced lamb with a couple of peas were outstanding. The platter, overall, was good and well worth the $10.95. Teischan gobbled up all the chicken in record time.

I ordered my de rigeur Lamb Korma. I can and will eat extremely hot curry but I don’t feel the need to eat as such when I go to a restaurant like the Shalimar. Hot curries are easy to make and I can, with paste that I buy, make a curry, at home, that exfoliates 4 layers of cells from my intestines. When I go to a class joint like the Shalimar I want the subtle, delicate Indian treats that I can’t make at home. Hence the Korma. A Korma, when cooked well, with its spices and nuts, makes you feel like an Mughal emperor. The Shalimar did not disappoint. It was the first time in my life I had eaten a Lamb Korma sans carbs — Biryani and a stuffed, typically an Aloo, Paratha (potato stuffed, fried bread). But, eating it on its own was good. Just the taste of the Korma. I enjoyed it.

I did order an Aloo Paratha for Deanna (who likes them too) and a Saag Paneer — spinach with cubed, cooked cheese. It was good.

I did not have my customary Kulfi — Indian ice cream with almonds. I did, however, given my need for daily yogurt, have a Lasi — a yogurt shake. It was refreshing.

I had a glass, of course, of Pinot Noir and some coffee.

It was a great meal. We were there for about 80 minutes. Despite the lousy weather outside there was a respectable crowd at the Shalimar. Since we were about the last to leave we got a chance to have a long chat with the owner’s middle daughter, Kulbir Kaur, a recent graduate from UNH. She was very nice and told us a lot about their family and business. We were impressed.

Not much that I can say that will bolster the accolades they already have, but I give this Indian restaurant my unstinted praise. I will be going there again, as soon as I can (diet permitting).

Banana Fungus? How Gross? Banana SHORTAGE? What Am I Going To Do … This Could Be The Straw …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge


I check ‘Market Watch’ around 1 a.m every night, kind of the last thing I do, before going to bed to see what I can expect from the markets in the morn. Saw this at 1 a.m. this morning and thought I was hallucinating. How could this be. So, I had to do a Google to make sure. Click to access ‘Market Watch’ original …


Google it. Plenty of other articles. This is from ‘Huff Post’. Click to access.

This is VERY SERIOUS for me.

A daily banana is a part of my diet — through which I have now lost 30 pounds in 11 months.

Actually as part of my ‘stomach healthy‘ routine I have been eating bananas (near daily), eating yogurt daily and taking Metamucil without fail (as if my life depended on it) for over a decade.

Bananas, both the yellow and green kinds, grow wild in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). I didn’t eat bananas when I lived in Ceylon. I didn’t eat ANY vegetables and fruits during those first 14 years (bar one week) of my life in Ceylon. I lived on rice, eggs, meat, Seer fish (and just Seer fish), hoppers, lentils, curried potatoes (sometimes), cakes, puddings, sweets, short-eats and chocolates. We didn’t have apples and grapes. I would eat apples and grapes when we could occasionally get some from a passing steamer. No vegetables. No other fruit. As far as my adoptive grandmother was concerned, and she is who brought me up, I was on a good healthy diet. 

This is why doctors laugh out loud when they see me and even more so when they see my blood reports. Hey, it was good life.

I used to like to chop down banana trees. Trust me it is very satisfying to whack one down, with one blow, of a sharp blade. But, they would GROW BACK — within days. So it wasn’t that destructive … and I think you had to chop them down after they had produced fruit. They grew wild all around the house.

But … now …

IF there is a banana shortage in the U.S. it might become the last straw …

I might have to go back to Ceylon just so I can have my daily banana. Sod the daily bread. Haven’t touched even a 1/4 slice of bread in 11 months.

“Give us this day our daily banana …”

We Got Our Rescue Puppy From Kentucky, Braxton, The Beagle, Today. Very Slick & Smooth Operation. Kudos.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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We picked him up in Kittery, Maine, at the ‘Welcome to Maine’ visitor center, off I-95, at noon — as promised and as hoped. No hitches. Very smooth. We were very impressed. Very slick, professional operation. More in a minute.

Sure is a beagle. Paperwork says ‘mixed’ — but they also say they don’t know exact date of birth of breed. I weighed him a few minutes ago (after he had his dinner at 4:30 pm). 5.6 pounds! He is LITTLE. Smallest dog I have ever had. Having had Goldens for 25 years I am not used to such a small dog. But, sure is cute.

Ate his dog food, mixed with warm skim milk. But prefers chicken and cheese. Likes yogurt too. All our dogs get yogurt at night (to match my yogurt eating habit, though I eat Greek, plain, low-fat). He will get chicken and cheese.

So here is the first set of pictures. Suffice to say all are delighted. Deanna will probably be taking 50 pictures a day.

Click on any of the pictures to ENLARGE them.

I found him on ‘Adopt-a-Pet‘ (via Petfinder) online, as I posted here, and spent 36 hours making sure I got him.

The NH contact and ‘Foster Home’ was Janice Berry, in Rochester. She was very good. Yes, I pestered her near daily, including this morning at 10:30, to make sure the puppy would arrive today. We highly recommend her. Phone number: 603-332-2965.

The actual agency appears to be ‘Butler County Animal Shelter’ in Kentucky.

The delivery operation by bus was very smooth. Very impressed.

This was so good that I am already talking about getting another one!

Some pictures of the dog drop off this noon in Kittery, Maine.

The ladies that drive the delivery bus take pictures of each puppy as it is handed over and then posts it on their Facebook page (quite quickly). Very impressive.

This is the picture they took of us.

Sept 28, 2013 Picking up Braxton our resue - adopted doggie

Ice Cream On Friday At Alton Central School (ACS), NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Let me first state my concern, as I see it, and then work backwards from there.

From what I can see (and get told) there are kids at ACS who for whatever reason do not have access to the 50 cents required to get these Friday afternoon ice creams thus creating what I consider to be an unnecessary and uncalled for ‘have and have nots‘ scenario — furthermore doing this in the last session of the school week so that the ‘have nots’ have the whole weekend to cogitate about it.

Ice creams for nearly all kids is a very visceral, emotive thing especially if they are not getting it while others around them are. To them it is a punishment, a major deprivation.

What I am hoping to do is to find a mechanism whereby we do not create this ‘have and have nots’ situation each Friday.

Yes, I know, very well to my cost, that life is not fair and equitable, and to Deanna’s constant chagrin I tell the kids about this on a regular basis because in my opinion they might as well come to terms with this as soon as possible. But, this does not mean that I want all kids to learn, at an early age, that life is not fair and for them to learn that bitter lesson through not being able to buy ice cream.

So how did this issue come to ahead. I gave Teischan a dollar bill last week (after I talked her doctor into making her have a blood test for allergies) to buy ice cream. Deanna had told her on Friday morning to use the dollar bill, get the 50 cents change and save that for next week. One of her kids in her class, that we do know (and know her parents quite well), according to Teischan badgered and pestered her to have the 50 cents so that she could also get an ice cream. I am delighted that Teischan gave her the 50 cents. That is my daughter. [That is upset her, we put down to her being 6.]

My issue is WHAT would have happened if Teischan did not have 50 cents to give to this 6 year old child?

I see a couple of ways we can try to fix this.

What I do not know is whether this ice cream is covered by the subsidized/free school lunch program. I also know that we do have a program to collect money for those kids that do get ‘subsidized/free’ school lunches to tide them over the weekends when they don’t get a school meal. Basically we need some kind of program to make sure that all kids at ACS that want ice cream and are permitted to have ice cream, it sans health issues, can have the ice cream WITHOUT the 50 cents being an issue.

I know the PTSA raises all sorts of money for various activities. Didn’t they spend $3,000 on some new equipment for the play ground?

Option 1: The PTSA should find a way to eliminate the 50 cent issue. Yes, I understand the issues and the logistics but they are not insurmountable.

Option 2: SCRAP the ice cream on Friday program. While I appreciate that it is a nice way to wrap up the week, the program we have does not reward all. For health reasons alone ice cream may not be the ideal treat. I am not sure that having ice cream on Friday in any way improves the academic standards at ACS. If the staff at ACS genuinely believe that the kids have to be given something sweet on Friday lets shoot for yogurt or fruits or both. Maybe cheaper. I bet if you substituted some other means of fun, live entertainment or a PIXAR 4 minute video, the kids may not miss the ice cream.

Yes, IF I had the money I would pay for the kids to have ice cream on Friday. I am sure if the Principal feels that oral gratification is the best reward for the kids at ACS we can find some sort of sponsorship deal in Town.

All I am asking is that, as with the seating in Grade 1, that we look at this issue.