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‘Youth’ (2015) Movie With Michael Caine & Jane Fonda — Different, Strange But Compelling In Its Own Way.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access ‘IMDb.com’ listing for this 2015 movie.

It was the HBO featured presentation a couple of Saturday’s ago. So, I DVRed it and we watched it the last couple of nights.

Not difficult to watch. If nothing else there are some SUMPTUOUS shots of Swiss landscape (reminiscent of the “Sound of Music“) plus a fair amount of pretty impressive gratuitous full-frontal European-style nudity (pubes and all) thrown in.

Interesting story. Good actors and actresses. Had NO IDEA that that was supposed to be Diego Maradona — and I had no idea that his left-handedness was that famous. Just the 20 second sequence of him (meaning the ACTOR) playing ‘kick-ball’ is worth watching.


The Roly Serrano character. The “kick-ball” sequence in middle. I am NOW paranoid. At the rate I am going will I end up as BIG as this? This was sobering. I must modify my diet. And I can’t even at my current weight play “kick-ball”! Click to ENLARGE if he isn’t already BIG enough.

Not difficult to watch. Try and catch it IF you can.


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by Anura Guruge

Lack Of Curiosity Among Some Of Today’s Degreed Youth.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Taken with my Fuji X-E2s.

We went horseback riding at ‘Castle in the Clouds‘ with ‘Riding in the Clouds‘. It was good. Our 12 person party had two guides, both young ladies, one at the front and one at the back. The young lady at the back, with a pink “local NH College” (whose name I will NOT mention to avoid blushes and just say that it is the one notorious as being a ‘Party College’) T-shirt was very gregarious and kept up a banter for much of the ride — repeatedly encouraging us to ask questions.

There (as I knew (since I knew who established it many years ago)) is a water bottling plant at ‘the Clouds’. There was a French flag flying in front of it — as you can see from the above picture.

I asked the young lady as to the significance of that flag — THINKING that maybe it was NEW to reflect the recent atrocities in France (e.g., Bastille Day rampage in Nice).

She replied that she was not sure of why the flag was there.

So I persisted. Did the flag just appear this Summer. I was told that that was not the case — though both flags had been at half-staff for much of the Summer (as was to be expected).

She then volunteered that she had been working at the stables for 3 years and that the flag had been there ALL that time. She also went onto add that she had been asked the question about the flag BEFORE.

That just had me amazed. Her role, as she had told us, was that of a TOUR GUIDE.

She had been asked about the flag previously and she had NOT bothered to find out — in 3 years.

Amazing, but I find this more and more among today’s EDUCATED youth.

I spoke with the young lady afterwards. She had just graduated with a joint-degree in criminal justice and psychology. I told her about my daughter Danielle and her Master’s in forensic psychology. She was interested. That was an option she was thinking about. We talked about Colleges. I told her that she should find out about the flag. She joked that I should, on my way back, stop at the plant and ask.

I did better than that. I Googled. Plant, as of about 5 years ago, is owned by the French-Japanese “Crystal Geyser Roxane” Corporation. That was the French connection. However, to be 100% sure, I called. They confirmed that the flag reflected the ownership. Took me all of about 7 minutes.

by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis Nixes Mercedes Benz Popemobiles For Those Built On A S. Korean Hyundai. Yes, YEs, YES.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original ABC News coverage.



This pope does get somethings so very right. Love it. Way to GO Pope. Well done. THANK YOU. Bravo. Kudos. God will bless you for this though I am still confused as to what God and Pius XII were up to during WW II — when the Germans were pulverizing Liverpool. No matter. This is a small BUT significant victory.

About bloody time. Popes poncing about in $100K top of the line Mercedes Benzes always aggravated me — and not just because they were driving dreaded, bloody German cars. Popes should NOT flaunt their considerable wealth when there are so, so many POOR CATHOLICS.

This pope understands that. Yes, I am, of course, as is my wont, critical of him when he does crazy things like letting disgraced Keith “the groper” O’Brien keep his cardinal title or when he was wearing the jewel studded gold pallium pins. But, deep down I like this pope. Plus remember and do NOT forget that I am the ONLY person that had this pope, by name, in a book published 2 years ahead of his election, as a possible pope.

This pope has the right idea about 85% of the stuff that he has to deal with. He is, however, wrong on climate control. But this is good.

The previous pope was not only German BUT was a Hitler Youth. I am NOT making that up. Go check it by Googling it. Or you can just read my October 17, 2011 post, in my 700,000 hit “Popes and Papacy” blog about Susan Sarandon calling Benedict a Nazi, not once BUT twice! So it was natural for him to feel comfortable in German cars.

South Korea does have Catholics. They even have two cardinals. So it is a Catholic country. So this is fair enough.