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Flying Hovercrafts (From Hammacher Schlemmer) — A DEFINITE MUST For Lake Winnipesaukee.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


..by Anura Guruge

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Click to see H-S product page and place an order.

Click to see H-S product page and place an order.

This is SO Lake Winnipesaukee — the playground of the ultra-rich, President Mittens Romney, Wolfeboro, NH.

Of course, I would love one but my house is cheaper than this beaut. But, of course, there are plenty around who could buy one of these on their AmEx and not even notice it.

To see these puppies over Alton Bay would be something.

We could have flying hovercraft racing up and down the Bay. Might be as good as the 2013 Americas Cup — those boats just looked like they were flying. These puppies really fly.

I will try and see IF Steve Parker, of Parker Marine, will sign-up with Hammacher-Schlemmer to be a sub-distributor and get a few of these into his marina. For those who know that marina, you have to navigate under a bridge to get to the main lake per se. Not so with these. There is plenty of taxiway on ‘the river’ prior to the bridge. You can pickup speed and then FLY over the bridge. WOW.

These could rejuvenate this aging Lake. We really need new genres of toys for the rich. Some of my other suggestions for this Lake given that I know it well and know what people like …

We Definitely Need These In NH Lakes Region. 45 mph On Water & Land. I Would Love One …. Way Out Of My League.

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Click … You will not regret it.

Not sure of the legality of the ATV aspect in NH. Never owned an ATV so not sure what the laws are. But, I sure know places in NH that you could drive an ATV and then go straight into a lake.

One of my many unfulfilled dreams, this albeit from the dot.com era when many of us had more money than sense, was to create an amphibious SUV – and please remember gas was ~$1 gallon then. I came up with some designs. My goal was to have a SUV that you could drive up to Glendale Docks in Guilford with your groceries and then go straight into the lake to your place on an island. Remember, I had a boat-based take out delivery business in those days — Waiters On Water (WoW). That is why I still own www.wownh.com.

These puppies are around $40,000. That is bagatelle for many around here. So I can definitely see them around this Summer. No dealers as yet in NH — and yes, I did, for a second, think about becoming a Quadski Dealer. 

Check it out.

Zorbing, The Sport Of Globe Riding: We Need This In NH. Better Than Tubing. Yes, I Heard Of The Accident In Russia.


Anura Guruge

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Wikipedia has an article about it.

It is popular in Russia and they were planning to feature it at the Sochi Winter Olympics next year. Then there was an accident, caught on video, that killed one person and injured another. [Here is a link to the story and video.]

It was this story that piqued my interest, though I think I might have heard about it before. It looks like a load of fun, though I think I am too old. I can just see it at Gunstock. You can use it on grass or on water. Yes, my mind is racing.

Lake Winnipesaukee, NH — What We Need, Zapta Racing. WOW (and Remember I Own ‘WOW NH’)

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click either image to access THE video. Worth watching.

We need to bring back the BIG, mass appeal crowd pleaser attractions to Lake Winnipesaukee, which of late has turned into, much of the time, sleepy, backwater. I have heard that there used to be big water skiing extravaganzas like you would see in those old Hollywood movies. I have also read stories of the old wooden cigarette boat races. I remember, vividly, two ‘Off Shore Racing Boat’ races in the Broads, c. 1999 — maybe 1999 and 2000. Those were cool. That was exciting. We went by boat. They were helicopters filming the race. It was Florida in NH. Plus you could go to Weirs and look at those huge, long boats with giant engines. Now, nothing. Lets have Zapta Racing. That would reinvigorate the Lake and surrounds.

Power boats on Winni at Wolfeboro, NH. Click image to read the story.