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Sling TV Video Loading & Playback Errors — A Known Problem, NO SOLUTION!

slingerrorsAnura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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IF you are having PROBLEMS with Sling Television YOU are NOT alone.

They, i.e., Sling, is having a LOT of problems. They know about it — but they don’t know how to fix it.

First thing you should check. See IF Sling has ANY bandwidth.

Just because your device, e.g., Roku, has bandwidth does NOT mean that the Sling channel has bandwidth! I know. It is crazy.

In Sling hit the ‘*‘ button until you get a menu that has ‘TV …. SETTINGS‘.

Go to SETTINGS. Use the ‘About’ or ‘Connection’ tab to see how bandwidth Sling has. IF it says 0.00Mbps YOU are screwed. STOP at that point. Until that figures gets up to 1.7Mbps or more YOU are well and truly screwed.

Use the Roku Speedtest to check that you still have bandwidth to the Roku. Most cases the Roku will be fine.

Now it becomes a waiting game. Do not just sit on Sling. Get out go back … get out go back or just go and watch another channel for 30 minutes.

Yes, very frustrating. Call them up and complain. I do at least once a day!

I Bought My Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 From BuyDig.com Rather Than Amazon!

My FZ1000 with MY wrist-strap.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Fall foliage — October 1, 2015.

‘Unable to Display’ error on Sony!

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Click to ENLARGE and read here. The 3 FZ1000 buying options presented by BuyDig.com. http://www.buydig.com/

Click to ENLARGE. My actual invoice at BuyDig — on FZ1000 order placed Saturday, September 26, 2015.

That I did NOT buy the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 from Amazon, in my little (fairly insignificant) world is pretty dramatic and drastic. It is akin to me saying I have given up red wine for life or that I went to see a priest about becoming Catholic. Or maybe, horrors of horrors I decided to renege on my commitment to donate my body to science. Yes, it was a HUGE ‘about-turn’ on my part.

I love Amazon. My emotional and financial investment in Amazon is HUGE. I published my last 10 books (if not more) EXCLUSIVELY with Amazon. All my books are listed on Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime Member. I am an Amazon Associate. I have an Amazon Vendor account. I do MOST of my purchasing on Amazon. Typically a week does not go by without me getting something from Amazon. And then there is my financial stake in Amazon. Lets just say that I have more equity in Amazon shares than I have in ANYTHING else in the world — and that includes our (rather modest and unprepossessing) house. Yes, it is all relative ….

I bought the star-crossed Sony a77 mk II from Amazon. Since I was getting a FULL REFUND on that I could easily have got the Lumix FZ1000 from Amazon.

But I didn’t.

3 Reasons:

1/ Amazon would not have fulfilled the camera order themselves — it would have come from another, third-party camera dealer (as was the case with the Sony — which came from Cameta Camera).

2/ There were TOO MANY NEGATIVE comments on Amazon of people getting ‘used’ FZ1000 or those without a U.S. warranty.

3/ Amazon’s price was the same as that from BuyDig and I could get MORE from BuyDig BEFORE I applied a $15 discount.

4/ BuyDig was offering a FREE 3 year Panasonic Warranty (precluding me from having to think about buying extended coverage, other than for accidents).

So I got it from BuyDig. This was probably the fourth or fifth camera I have bought from them. They are Beach Camera under another name. They are good.

They offered, as you can see above, two different bundles for the SAME price as the BASE FZ1000. I got the bundle that had the MOST ITEMS. Smile. Like I always say, “I am not totally stupid, just partially”. I needed a SDHC card (because I had to return one with the Sony) and I needed some filters. The additional battery and charger were a bonus. I ordered a Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) separately. I trust Wasabi. So for the SAME PRICE as Amazon I was getting more, a discount and FREE shipping. And the camera arrived Tuesday morning, by FedEx, at 8:30am! Good deal. With BuyDig I had at least 3 options by which to pay for the camera. One was via Amazon! That was wild. But, I didn’t chose that — though that would have been a neat ‘best-of-all-worlds’ compromise. Instead I opted to go with PayPal — where among other things I instantly get 0% APR credit. Plus, I own PayPal shares too! Nothing like my holding in Amazon, but I am, nonetheless a shareholder of PayPal, from DAY 1. Plus by going with PayPal I have their ‘protection’ too, in addition to BuyDigs promises. Plus with BuyDig you also get Google ‘protection’. So it is like having belt-and-braces on top of what BuyDig promises.

So that is the story. I thought it was worth sharing because it was a fairly momentous decision for me — and a HUGE endorsement for BuyDig.

The camera bag, as was the case with Cameta and the Sony a77, was ridiculously SMALL. Take a look. I didn’t even dare put the FZ1000 in it. It might have been a very snug fit BUT I doubt whether I could have got my fingers around the camera without scraping them each time. I knew the bag would be a joke. I just gave it to Tesichan so that she can use it to carry doll stuff. I had a new bag that I had got for the Sony.

My first few pictures with the FZ1000.

New Hampshire foliage pictures with the FZ1000.

A few more pictures with the FZ1000.
Click to ENLARGE.

How Many Folks In New Hampshire (NH) Have Managed To Obamacare (ACA) Coverage Through Health Exchange? ZERO?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Oct. 9, 2013.
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I am hoping that I am not being penalized because I am not white.
That is possible.
That was probably the ONE thing they got right in the Website.
Yes, OF COURSE, they ask you your race.
Screw all the non-whites, we don’t want them having healthcare.

But, I have been trying to get coverage since Day 1: October 1, 2013.

I have made three applications — the last by mail.

Over two weeks later still NOTHING. NADA.

What is MOST galling is that I can’t get any answers from Concord.

I have even contacted the Governor’s Office
and they tell me that they are NOT AWARE OF ANY PROBLEMS.